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WASHINGTON: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act; History of H.R. 4; DOE Energy Bill Position, 6-02; Daschle-Bingaman Energy Bill (Alaska, Sec. 1236 & tax credit, Sec. 2503 & H.R. 4 Conferees), Tax Credit; See amendments, "Energy Policy Act of 2002";  "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act of 2001 (Draft)" & Background Paper, 8-9-01;Alaska Legislature Joint Committee position; Governor's position; Governor's 10-Point Plan; Anadarko Analysis; U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 10-2-01 - text version;  U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 9-14-00; Report on the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1971, prepared by staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1-18-01

ALASKA: 1-23-03, Governor Frank Murkowski's State of the State Speech; 2002 DRAFT Recommendations to 2003 Legislature; '02 Alaska Legislation; Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Policy Council; Joint Legislative Gas Pipeline Committee; 9-01 Alaska Models: Canadian Routes, LNG, GTL; HR 4 Story; Cook Inlet Supply-Demand Report: AEDC; Commonwealth North Investigation & Our Article; Report: Backbone; Legislature Contacts; State Gas Pipeline Financing Study; 5-02 Alaska Producer Update; Kenai: "Oil & Gas Industry Issues and Activities Report, 11-02"; Alaska Oil & Gas Tax Structure; 2-27-02 Royalty Sale Background; Alaska Gas Pipeline Office opens, 7-01, and closes, 5-02; Betty Galbraith's 1997-1998 Chronology Our copy.

CANADA: 1-10-03, "Arctic Gas Pipeline Construction Impacts On Northern Transp."-Transport Canada-PROLOG Canada Inc.-The Van Horne Institute;Hill Times Reports, 8-30-02; 9-30-02, Cons. Info. Requirements; CBC Archives, Berger Commission; GNWT Economic Impact Study, 5-13-02; GNWT-Purvin & Gertz Study, 5-8-02; Alberta-Alaska MOU 6-02; Draft Pan- Northern Protocol for Oil and Gas Development; Yukon Government Economic Effects: 4-02 & PPT; Gas Pipeline Cooperation Plan Draft & Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Mackenzie Valley Pipeline MOU Draft, 6-01; FirstEnergy Analysis: 10-19-01; Integrated Delta Studies; National Post on Mackenzie Pipeline, 1-02;Northern Pipeline Act;  Haida Nation v. British Columbia; Indian Claims Commission; Skeena Cellulose decision -- aboriginal consultations required, 12-02; Misc. Pipeline Studies '02

COMPANIES: Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Newsletter, 7-27-01; APG Newsletter: 5-02, 7-02 & 9-02; ArctiGas NEB PIP Filing Background; NRGPC Newsletter: Fall-02;  4-02 ArctiGas Reduces Field Work; BP's Natural Gas Page; Enbridge Perspective; Foothills Perspective; Williams Perspective; YPC Perspective, 7-02

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Northern Gas Pipelines: Presentations Archive, Pre-2003

You will find the presentations below in chronological order under two headings: 1.  Government Official Presentations & 2.  Industry Executive Presentations.  Please note: these important documents are provided only with your agreement that they are not to be altered in any way, that their use must be non-commercial and that attribution for private use must be clearly shown as: "This document has been provided courtesy of {AUTHORING COMPANY OR AGENCY NAME} and distributed as a public service by Northern Gas Pipelines," These presentations are provided as a public service made possible by sponsors.  Be sure to review the "Maps" page for more references.  -dh

1.  Government Official Presentations (Immediately below)

2.  Company Official/Individual Presentations (Far below)

1.  Government Officials:  Relevant speeches, Yukon Territory, are here.

1-9-03.  Address to the People of the Northwest Territories - Premier Stephen Kakfwi.


11-18/19-02 Arctic Gas Symposium-Houston (See industry speeches here.  See Symposium report here.)  Justice Minister Roger Allen (NGP Photo) said the Northwest Territories (NWT) is, "on the brink of witnessing one of the largest development projects in Canadian history...."

10-15-02.  International Association of Energy Economists, Proposition #3 Forum, "All-Alaskan Gasline Initiative", Larry Persily, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Revenue.  (See Scott Heyworth presentation here.)

9-30 to 10-1, 2002.  4th Annual Far North Oil and Gas Conference (Insight), government presenters (Industry presenters below):

  • Honorable Stephen Kakfwi, Premier, Government of the Northwest Territories.
  • Doug Matthews, Director of Minerals, Oil and Gas, GNWT
  • Greg Komaromi, Director, Oil and Gas Business Development, Government of Yukon

9-27-02.  Addressing industry officials today in Calgary Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) Premier Stephen Kakfwi criticized Alaska's gas pipeline policy for threatening its economic development progress and said that lack of investment from Ottawa could diminish GNWT interest in resource development projects.

9-23-02.  Alaska Support Industry Alliance Annual Meeting.

9-16-02. Governor Tony Knowles' "Farewell Remarks to Anchorage Chamber of Commerce", including references to gas pipeline and fiscal crisis issues.  Story: September archives.

9-10-02. Robert G. Marshall, P.Eng., Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT), addressed the Alberta Geomatics Group in Calgary.  Tomorrow he will repeat the presentation at the Edmonton Petroleum Club.  The speech is entitled  "Canada's Pipeline----Benefits & Opportunities for Alberta".



7-22-02.  Michael Smith (NGP Photo), Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy for the U.S. Department of Energy spoke to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce:  "Alaska – An Essential Component in America’s Energy Plans".

6-20/21-02.  Inuvik Petroleum Show, government official presentations.  See industry presentations here.  See our IPS report and photo galleries here.

6-02.  "Fostering Alaska Business Development," a presentation given this month to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce and, earlier, to Commonwealth North by Edward Lee Gorsuch (NGP Photo, 9-7-01), Chancellor, University of Alaska Anchorage.  The presentation features strategies and opportunities facing the state's economy and focuses on Alaska's fiscal crisis (i.e. see Goldsmith presentation below.)

5-23-02.  Dr. Scott Goldsmith, discussed the state fiscal crisis (i.e. as he has for the past two decades) at this spring's last weekly meeting of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance.  Goldsmith, Director of the University of Alaska's Institute for Social and Economic Research, provided an updated review of 'A Generic Fiscal Plan for Alaska', presented to the Alaska House of Representatives Finance Committee on March 19.  (Download entire presentation here.  Presentation summary here.)

5-8-02.  Alaska's Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Larry Persily, addressed Seattle Chamber of Commerce's Alaska Committee on the current status of Alaska North Slope gas transportation issues.  Persily was joined by Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines, who provided opinion on gas pipeline and ANWR current events (See link below).

3-21-02.  "The Interior Alaska Economy: Today and Tomorrow."  Fairbanks Mayor Rhonda Boyles (RDC Photo) addressing Resource Development Council for Alaska.

3-19-02. Former Alaska Governor Walter J. Hickel (i.e. also, former Interior Secretary-NGP Photo, Spring '01) provided Northern Gas Pipelines with an ANWR statement delivered at the Capital in Washington.

2-07-02.  Alaska's Department of Revenue Deputy Commissioner, Stephen C. (Neil) Slotnick,  provided details on Governor Tony Knowles' proposed tax-exempt financing proposal to cut $1 billion in interest costs from an Alaska gas pipeline project.  Slotnick was joined by Ken Vassar-Partner with Wohlforth, Vassar, Johnson & Brecht (Bond Counsel) and Jeffrey Brown, Vice President, Goldman, Sachs & Co.  John Katz, Knowles' Washington representative attended by teleconference.  (Download the complete PowerPoint presentation here, courtesy of Mr. Slotnick's officeSee the 2-07-02 story here.)

2-06-02.  Current gas pipeline project positions: NWT Premier Stephen Kakfwi and Yukon Premier Pat Duncan.

12-13-01. "Fiscal", Senator Dave Donley, Alliance presentation.

12-10-01.  Neal Fried (Photo-12-10-01), Alaska State Labor Economist, Economic and Employment Trends, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Presentation.



11-27-01. Alaska Energy Economists Discuss Cook Inlet Gas Supply and Relationship to North Slope Gas Decision,” a presentation by three State Division of Oil and Gas officials representing the Department of Natural Resources: Bill VanDyke, Petroleum Manager, Tim Ryherd, Geologist and Will Nebesky, economist and commercial analyst (Photo-left to right).  See news story here.

11-20-01.  The Honourable Roger Simmons, PC, Consul General of Canada, addressing Commonwealth North in Anchorage: Canada's economic interests in natural gas development, Canadian hurdles and opportunities, role of First Nations, North vs. South line, and internal Canadian politics.  (Download presentation here, when linked in blue; story here.)

11-7-01. U.S. Minerals Management Service geologist, John Larson: Presentation the the Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee.

11-7-01: Department of Natural Resources Economist, Roger Marks:  Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines.  (See Marks' LNG, GTL and Northern/Southern Route economic models here)        (Photo: Marks (R), Persily, below (L), 10-01-01)

11-7-01.  Larry Persily, Deputy Commissioner, Alaska Department of Revenue, reporting to the State Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee.

10-25-01.  North Slope Borough Mayor George N. Ahmaogak, Sr., (Photo-below, right) presentation to the Alliance membership: "Are We Partners Or Not?"  (Download here; see our 10-25 news report here.)

10-16-01. Jann Atkinson, the National Energy Board's Applications Unit Environmental Specialist, provides this outstanding recent presentation of NEB organization, process and focus on northern projects (Download PowerPoint Presentation).


9-28-0.  Alaska Department of Revenue Tax Division Petroleum Economist, Dr. Charles Logsdon, speaking to the the International Association of Energy Economists regarding OPEC supply, pricing history and current policies (Download PowerPoint presentation).  Also, see our 9-29-01 story which has gas pipeline related information.

9-10-01.  Governor Tony Knowles' speech to Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, advocating Alaska National Interest Natural Gas Development Act.  Download here.

8-23-01.  Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Policy Council, Valdez.

8-14/15-01.  Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee, Fairbanks:


7-19-01.  North Slope Borough Assembly President, Molly Pederson (Photo-right, 7-19-01): "Remarks to the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council."  (Download here.)

7-19-01.  Arnold Brower Jr., President, Inupiat Community of the Arctic Slope-an IRA Regional Tribal Government, on natural gas pipeline routing. 

7-19-01.  Rex Okakok, Sr., Director-Planning and Community Services, North Slope Borough, on Balancing Culture and Tradition with Oil and Gas Development.

7-19-01.  Richard Glenn, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Ilisagvik College: "Ilisagvik College Presentation to the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council" (Note: also see photo and reference below to Arctic Slope Regional Corporation). 


7-19-01.  Edna Ahgeak MacLean, President, Ilisagvik College (Photo-left): "Presentation to the Alaska Highway Natural Gas Policy Council.

7-18-01.  "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline", Kenai Peninsula Borough Mayor Dale Bagley, Chairman-Cook Inlet Pipeline Terminus Group, testifying to the Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines.



7-18-01.  Attorney Rigdon H. Boykin (Photo-middle), Bechtel Pipeline Project Manager Brent P. Sherfey (Photo-right), and former Attorney General/Fairbanks Attorney Charlie Cole (Photo-left) presented the Alaska Gasline Port Authority proposal.   


7-17-01.  State Pipeline Coordinator, William G. Britt Jr., Joint Pipeline Office, "...Status of Gas Pipeline Right-of-Way Applications...," for Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines. 

7-17-01.  John Goll, U.S. Minerals Management Service's Alaska Regional Manager: "The Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline: Right of Way Planning for an Offshore Route".   
aapourchot5-14-011.png7-17-01.  Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Pat Pourchot: Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines.


7-17-01.  Department of Revenue Commissioner Wil Condon: Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines

7-17-01.  Department of Natural Resources Economist, Roger Marks:  Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines (See Marks' LNG, GTL and Northern/Southern Route economic models here)

7-17-01.  The Regulatory Commission of Alaska's Antony Scott:  Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines

5-17-01. Former Kenai Peninsula legislator and mayor, Mike Navarre, presented Cook Inlet Pipeline Terminus Group concept to Governor's Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Council.

5-01. Alaska Division of Oil and Gas Director, Mark D. Myers, PhD., "Alaska's Natural Gas Potential"

4-19/20-01.  Update on National Energy Board
Regulatory Approaches
- Presented to North American Pipelines Conference - Calgary, Alberta

4-19-01.  Minerals Management Service & Arctic Gas Issues.

4-27-01. Alaska State Pipeline Coordinator, Bill Britt's Alliance Presentation

3-8-01.  Remarks of Alaska Governor Tony Knowles To Arctic Gas Symposium, Calgary

3-1-01  Alaska Gas Pipeline Presentation: used by Governor Tony Knowles, Commissioner Pat Pourchot and other officials.

1-01.  "Prospects for Development of Alaska Natural Gas: A Review", by Kirk W. Sherwood & James D. Craig, U.S. Department of the Interior, Minerals Management Service, Alaska OCS Region Office, Office of Resource Evaluation. (Click this link for direct access, or, Please contact this office.)

4-25-00.  The Role of the Federal OCS in Supplying the Future Natural Gas Demand of the U.S., and links to various, related PowerPoint and Acrobat presentations.

9-14-00. Senate Energy Committee Testimony.

1976. Hopson, Eben, Alaska North Slope Borough Mayor, "Experience of the Arctic Slope Inupiat With Oil and Gas Development in the Arctic", Delivered to the Berger Inquiry, 1976.

2.  Industry Executives-other:

1-24-03:  Alliance's Meet Alaska 2003, "The Politics of Energy".  Presentations below:

1-13-03: "Seeing Northern Gas Pipelines Through A Service High School Lens", to members of Service High School's Resource Development Club, Anchorage.  (Editorial mention.)

11-18/19-02 Arctic Gas Symposium-Houston (See government speeches here. See Symposium report here.)

  • Larry Houle (NGP Photo-r), General Manager of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance and Roger Soucy (NGP Photo-l), President & CEO, Petroleum Services Association of Canada conducted a panel addressing "Investment Climate Challenges in Alaska and Canada."


  • University of Houston Professor Ronald Oligney, provided an information-rich review of Arctic gas projects and economic implications of governmental decisions.


  • Michel Scott, VP Frontiers, Devon Canada Corporation said, "The Mackenzie Delta project is one the market wants now."



  • "We see the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline going first with an Alaska gas project following," said John Carruthers, Program Manager for Alaska-Canada Gas Pipeline Projects, BP Alaska – Canada Gas.


  • Matt Janisch, Managing Director, BMO Nesbitt Burns (NGP Photo-left) and Roland George, Principal, Purvin & Gertz, Inc. (NGP Photo), offered thorough analyses on 'Supply and Demand Pricing for Arctic Gas'.




  • Forrest Hoglund, Chairman of Arctic Resources Company spoke in support of his company's promotion of a northern route (i.e. 'over the top') for Alaska gas.



  • Shirley Neff (NGP Photo), Chief Economist for the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, reviewed the state of Congressional actions toward facilitating development of Arctic gas in the 2002 Congress.


  • Wayne Sartore, VP Northern Pipeline Development, Enbridge Inc. discussed, "Overcoming Technical Challenges of Operating and Maintaining an Arctic Gas Pipeline: Case Study of an Existing Arctic Pipeline."


  • Doug Anguish, Project Manager, Northern Pipelines Project (NGP Photo), addressed, "Logistics and Construction: Marshalling and Mobilizing Resources to Build An Arctic Pipeline Mega Project".



  • Jack Eidson, Manager of Special Projects for Business Development and Commercialization for Lockheed Martin Technical Services  addressed "Northwest Arctic Logistical Concerns for Gas Pipeline Planners".


10-29-02.  Ziff Energy Conference Steve Becker, vice-president of gas strategy for TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. on Arctic gas projects.

10-15-02.  International Association of Energy Economists, Proposition #3 Forum, "All-Alaskan Gasline Initiative", Scott Heyworth (NGP Photo), sponsor of Ballot Proposition #3.  (See Larry Persily presentation here.)

9-30 to 10-1, 2002.  4th Annual Far North Oil and Gas Conference (Insight), Industry presenters (Government presenters above):

  • Wayne Sartore, Vice President, Northern Pipeline Development, Enbridge Inc. (NGP file photo-r)
  • Peter Jalkotzy, B.Sc., P.Biol., Vice President, Environment, IEG Inc. (NGP file photo-l)
  • R. J. (Rob) Hunt (NGP File Photo-middle), Senior Vice President, Akita Drilling Ltd.


(Original report here.)

9-9-02.  Steve Marshall (NGP Photo, 9-9-02), president of BP Exploration Alaska, Inc. addressed the Anchorage ChamberSaying his message mirrored one BP Treasurer, Tony Hayward, delivered in June to the International Association of Energy Economists, Marshall pinpointed some of Alaska's key challenges: the need for regulatory and fiscal certainty and support for maximizing production from mature fields.  (Note: BP and other gas producers have consistently emphasized fiscal certainty as a pre-condition for construction of an Alaska gas pipeline.  He said the company was offering public officials in Alaska and Canada specific proposals for obtaining such certainty.  News story here.  -dh)

7-20/21-02.  Inuvik Petroleum Show, industry presentations.  See government presentations here.  See our IPS report and photo galleries here.

6-28-02.  Lord John Browne (RDC Photo) Group Chief Executive, BP, addressed a large combined audience of the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Alliance and Resource Development Council for Alaska on a variety of oil and gas policy issues, including those related to an Alaska gas pipeline. See report and photo gallery and obtain speech download here.

5-16-02.  Latest Alaska North Slope Gas Producer Information.  This PowerPoint presentation is being used in conversations with government officials in Canada and the United States.

5-8-02.  Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines, addressed the Seattle Chamber of Commerce's Alaska Committee on the subject: "Arctic Energy: Benefits for Alaska, Washington and All America" (NGP Photo, 5-8-02, Elliott Bay).  Speech link.  Harbour was joined by Alaska's Deputy Commissioner of Revenue, Larry Persily, who addressed members on the current status of Alaska North Slope gas transportation issues.  (See link above).

2-13-02:  "Over the Top", a speech delivered by Richard I. Hardy (Photo-left) Parner, Davis & Company, to the Deh Cho Resource Development Conference, Fort Simpson, NWT.

1-02: Alaska Gas Pipeline Project Overview, David Welch, President, Alaska Canada Pipelines, BP.

12-6-01: "END OF A DREAM?  THE BIRTH AND POSSIBLE DEMISE OF THE BIGGEST ENERGY PROJECT IN NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY", an address to the Interactive Energy Conference, Houston, by former Alaska Governor Steve Cowper (Photo-right).

11-29/30-01:  Arctic Gas Symposium, Houston, by the Canadian Institute.  "The Imperatives of Arctic Natural Gas Development", an important new study by Ronald Oligney and James Longbottom (both with professional Arctic backgrounds), may be obtained in the bibliography section.  Also see ad hoc presentation by several participants re: solution to gas pipeline routing and mode controversiesSee our original stories and photo gallery here.

  • Judy Brady, Executive Director, Alaska Oil & Gas Association.
  • Jim Antoine, Northwest Territories Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Resources.
  • Scott Kent, Yukon Territory Minister of Economic Development.
  • Murray Smith, Alberta Minister of Energy.
  • Corry Woolington, Chevron USA Land Manager.
  • Robert Purgason, Williams Vice President, Hydrocarbon Development.
  • John Burdek, Chairperson, Ta'an Kwach'an Council.
  • Marty Cheyne, President & CEO, Devlan Exploration.
  • David McClement, Former President, NANA/Colt Engineering LLC.
  • Dave Harbour, Publisher, Northern Gas Pipelines; President, The Harbour Co.
  • Forrest E. Hoglund, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Arctic Resources, Inc.
  • Stephen J. Wuori, Group Vice President, Planning & Development, Enbridge, Inc.
  • Jim Moore, Senior Vice President, Williams Gas Pipeline.
  • Marty Heeg, Vice President, Business Development, Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.
  • Bob Reid, Executive Director, Mackenzie Valley Initiative, TransCanada PipeLines Ltd.
  • Graeme Phipps, Vice President-Exploration and International, Petro-Canada Oil and Gas
  • Brian Fraser, Business Manager, Shehtah Drilling Ltd., and Kerry Wilson, President, Wilson Drilling.
  • Roland George, Principal, Purvin & Gertz, Inc.
  • Jeff Bigger, Business Development Manager, Syntroleum Corp.
  • Matt Janisch, Managing Director, BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

11-29-01: Resource Development Council for Alaska "Alaska Resources 2000-Can Alaska Compete?", Anchorage.

11-14-01: Alan Sharp (Photo), Alberta Energy Corporation Marketing's Director of Northern Business Development: Testimony to Alaska Oil and Gas Royalty Development Advisory Board.



11-12-01: Dave Porter, National Negotiator for the Kaska Nation, addressing the Canadian Aboriginal Mining Congress re: gas pipeline, northern development and unity issues.



11-8-01: Agrium Inc. Presentation To The Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee, Chris Tworek (Photo), Vice President, Supply Management.




11-8-01: Enstar Presentation To The Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee, Tony Izzo, President (Photo).





11-8-01: Scott Jepsen, Phillips Alaska, Inc., Manager Cook Inlet Asset, presentation to the Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee.

11-8-01:  John Ellwood, President, Foothills Pipe Lines, Ltd., presentation to the Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee.



11-8-01: Scott Heyworth, Citizens for An All-Alaska Pipeline, presentation to the Alaska Legislature's Joint Pipeline Committee.



10-25-01: Bill McMahon (Photo, right), Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team, presenting to the International Association of Energy Economics-Anchorage Chapter (IAEE): an Alaska Gasline Project Update and Outlook.  (Please download presentation, here.)


10-01-01: Updated, Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Overview.


9-20-01: Third Annual Far North Oil & Gas Conference, Calgary  (Scroll to 9-20-01 for our report here.)

a.  Enbridge, Inc. President and CEO, Patrick D. Daniel (Photo, right), "A Northern Gas Pipeline: The Big Picture"

b.  Kaska First Nation Chief Negotiator, Dave Porter, "Presentation to the 3rd Annual Far North Oil & Gas Conference"

6-17/21-01:  6th Natural Gas Conversion Symposium: Alyeska Prince Hotel, Girdwood, Alaska.  See GTL Presentation summaries, here:

a.  "Chairman's Address": Dr. Theo H. Fleish, Global Gas Technologies, BP.  b.  "A DOE Perspective on Natural Gas": Rita A. Bajura, Director, National Energy Technology Laboratory, DOE.  c.  "GTL, How to Stay in Business", MOSSGAS Presentation.  d.  "Welcome Address": Richard Campbell, Regional President, BP Alaska, and "The Role of Gas Conversion in the Gas Economy", Graham McNeillie, Vice President, Global Gas Technologies, BP.  e.  "Welcome Address", Michael P. Rampage, Executive vice President, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering Co.


7-19-01.  Arctic Slope Regional Corporation Vice-President Lands, Richard Glenn (Photo-left); also see reference above to Ilisagvik College): "ASRC Presentation to the Governor's Alaska Highway natural Gas Policy Council.

7-19-01.  Barrow Whaling Captains' Association Vice President, Charlie Neakok: "Statement of the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission...on Routes for the Natural Gas Pipeline...


7-18-01.  Alaska Producers Gas Pipeline Team, Joseph P. Marushack (Right photo-left), Vice President, ANS Gas Commercialization for Phillips Alaska, Inc.; Ken Konrad (Right photo-right), Senior Vice President, Business Unit Leader Alaska Gas for BP/AMOCO (Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines). 

7-18-01.  Yukon Pacific Corporation, Trans-Alaska Gas System (TAGS), Jeff Lowenfels, President & CEO, YPC (Presentation to Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines). 

7-18-01.  Alaska Highway Pipeline Project Update, Presentation to the Alaska State Legislature Joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines, a PowerPoint presentation supporting the appearance of:7-18-01foothills2.png John R. Ellwood, Vice President, Engineering and Operations of Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. (Photo-middle), joined by representatives of Foothills' owner companies: D. Michael G. Stewart, Executive Vice President, Westcoast Energy Inc. (Photo-right), and Dennis McConaghy, Executive Vice President for Gas Development, TransCanada PipeLines, Ltd. (Photo-left).  Stewart and McConaghy also hold the title, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd.. 

7-18-01.  Alaska North Slope LNG Project Testimony to joint Committee on Natural Gas Pipelines, Steve Alleman-LNG Sponsor Group, Alaska North Slope LNG Project Commercial Manager, Phillips Petroleum Company. 

7-9-01.  Former Arco Alaska, Inc. President Ken Thompson's (Photo) Anchorage Chamber of Commerce PowerPoint Presentation, "Vision: Natural Gas Business and Gas Trading Hub/Principles for ANS Gas". 

6-15-01.  Dr. Arlon Tussing's presentation to IAEE, informal notes on main talk points, courtesy Will Nebesky, IAEE Chapter President

bob reid.png

6-12-01, TransCanada PipeLines Ltd. Senior Vice President-Northern Projects, Bob Reid (Photo-right):  "A View to the North", Canadian International Petroleum Conference.   

5-25.  Cuba Wadlington, President & CEO, Williams Gas Pipelines, with PowerPoint presentation on Williams' view of Alaska gas pipeline issues. 

5-17.  Enbridge's President & CEO, Patrick D. Daniel at Van Horne Institute, Calgary: "A Continental Energy Issue: Enbridge Perspectives on Northern Gas Pipeline Development"  (Enbridge's Principal Routes Map)

5-01.  Alaska Natural Gas to Liquids Company presentation, "From Our Own Backyard"   

5-01.  "Cook Inlet Area Gas to Liquids: ANGTL' s Perspective" (Please contact this office.)

5-01.  Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team presentation.  

4-25-01.  Michael Phelps, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Westcoast Transmission, Inc., Annual Meeting

4-01.  Energy Summit, Washington D.C., Robbie Gries, President-Elect, American Association of Petroleum Geologists; presented again in Anchorage to IOGCC   

3-14-01.  Paul D. Holtberg, GTI Baseline Center: "Gas Demand and Supply Overview: Getting Past the Near Term Difficulties."

3-1-01.  John Elwood, Vice-President of Foothills: Governor's Council, 2/5-6-01, Legislative Testimony (Photo, 5-17-01)



1-9-01.  Enbridge's Wayne Sartore - VP Northern Pipeline Development; Bill Byrne - Manager, Northern Region: "From the North, With the North: Enbridge Perspectives on a Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline" 

5-18-00.  K.C. Williams Senior vice-president and director Imperial Oil Limited to National Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts & the Canadian Association of Petroleum Investment Analysts Halifax Petroleum Investment Conference, "Mackenzie Delta Gas Opportunity"

9/00.  Mike Stewart, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Foothills: Resource Development Council for Alaska Conference     





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