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Northern Gas Pipelines, (Alaska Gas Pipeline, Denali - The Alaska Gas Pipeline, Mackenzie Valley Gas Pipeline, Alaska Highway Gas Pipeline, Northern Route Gas Pipeline, Arctic Gas, LNG, GTL) is your public service, objective, unbiased 1-stop-shop for Arctic gas pipeline projects and people, informal and rich with new information, updated 30 times weekly and best Northern Oil & Gas Industry Links on the Internet.  Find AAGPC, AAGSC, ANGTL, ANNGTC,  ANGDA, ANS, APG, APWG, ANGTA, ANGTS, AGPPT, ANWR, ARC, CARC, CAGPL, CAGSL, FPC, FERC, GTL, IAEE, LNG, NEB, NPA, TAGS, TAPS, NARUC, IOGCC, CONSUMER ENERGY ALLIANCE, AOGA,AOGCC, RCA and more...

2009 LINKS: FERC Reports to Congress, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7....; USGS Arctic Gas Estimates; MMS hearings: RDC, Our NGP, AJOC, DH, ADN, KTUU; Enstar Bullet Line: Map and News Links; ANGDA; Alaska Energy Forum; Prosperity Alaska

2008 LINKS: Shell Alaska OCS Study; Mackenzie Gas Project EIS; Join the Alaska Gas Pipeline Blog Discussion; Governor Sarah Palin's AGIA Links; 2007 ACES tax bill links; Department of Revenue 2007 ACES tax documents;  2007 ACES tax Presentations; 2007 ACES tax news; Alaska Gas Pipeline Training and Jobs; Gas Pipeline and Economic Development; Andrew Halcro; Bjørn Lomborg; FERC's Natural Gas Website Links

WASHINGTON: Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act; History of H.R. 4; DOE Energy Bill Position, 6-02; Daschle-Bingaman Energy Bill (Alaska, Sec. 1236 & tax credit, Sec. 2503 & H.R. 4 Conferees), Tax Credit; See amendments, "Energy Policy Act of 2002";  "Alaska Natural Gas Pipeline Act of 2001 (Draft)" & Background Paper, 8-9-01;Alaska Legislature Joint Committee position; Governor's position; Governor's 10-Point Plan; Anadarko Analysis; U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 10-2-01 - text version;  U.S. Senate Energy Committee Testimony, 9-14-00; Report on the Alaska Natural Gas Transportation Act of 1971, prepared by staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 1-18-01

ALASKA: 1-23-03, Governor Frank Murkowski's State of the State Speech; 2002 DRAFT Recommendations to 2003 Legislature; '02 Alaska Legislation; Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline Policy Council; Joint Legislative Gas Pipeline Committee; 9-01 Alaska Models: Canadian Routes, LNG, GTL; HR 4 Story; Cook Inlet Supply-Demand Report: AEDC; Commonwealth North Investigation & Our Article; Report: Backbone; Legislature Contacts; State Gas Pipeline Financing Study; 5-02 Alaska Producer Update; Kenai: "Oil & Gas Industry Issues and Activities Report, 11-02"; Alaska Oil & Gas Tax Structure; 2-27-02 Royalty Sale Background; Alaska Gas Pipeline Office opens, 7-01, and closes, 5-02; Betty Galbraith's 1997-1998 Chronology Our copy.

CANADA: 1-10-03, "Arctic Gas Pipeline Construction Impacts On Northern Transp."-Transport Canada-PROLOG Canada Inc.-The Van Horne Institute;Hill Times Reports, 8-30-02; 9-30-02, Cons. Info. Requirements; CBC Archives, Berger Commission; GNWT Economic Impact Study, 5-13-02; GNWT-Purvin & Gertz Study, 5-8-02; Alberta-Alaska MOU 6-02; Draft Pan- Northern Protocol for Oil and Gas Development; Yukon Government Economic Effects: 4-02 & PPT; Gas Pipeline Cooperation Plan Draft & Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board Mackenzie Valley Pipeline MOU Draft, 6-01; FirstEnergy Analysis: 10-19-01; Integrated Delta Studies; National Post on Mackenzie Pipeline, 1-02;Northern Pipeline Act;  Haida Nation v. British Columbia; Indian Claims Commission; Skeena Cellulose decision -- aboriginal consultations required, 12-02; Misc. Pipeline Studies '02

COMPANIES: Alaska Gas Producers Pipeline Team Newsletter, 7-27-01; APG Newsletter: 5-02, 7-02 & 9-02; ArctiGas NEB PIP Filing Background; NRGPC Newsletter: Fall-02;  4-02 ArctiGas Reduces Field Work; BP's Natural Gas Page; Enbridge Perspective; Foothills Perspective; Williams Perspective; YPC Perspective, 7-02

 MEDIA REFERENCE: Alaska Journal of Commerce; Alaska Inc. Magazine; Anchorage Daily News; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; Fairbanks Daily News Miner, Juneau Empire; Northern News Services; Oil & Gas Reporter; Petroleum News Alaska; Whitehorse Star, etc.

EXTENDED CONFERENCE NEWS: Alaska Support Industry Alliance, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Canadian Institute, Insight Information, Inuvik Petroleum Shows, International Association of Energy Economists, Resource Development Council for Alaska, Ziff Energy Group











Northern Gas Pipelines:  Founding Publisher's Archives

Northern Gas Pipelines' Founding Publisher, Dave Harbour (NGP Photo), left this web page on January 31, 2003 to accept a public service appointment with Alaska's state government.  He always referred to himself as 'your author'.  Some of the 'author' references below contain gas pipeline related links, which have contributed to the body of knowledge surrounding Arctic gas pipeline projects.

1.  See Author Archives by year, left margin; by date below.  2.  Author's Personal Bibliography  3.  Author References - Author Speeches - Author Editorials

2.  Bibliography of the Author: Dave Harbour (Partial listing....)


"Northern Gas Pipelines",  © 2001 & 2002 & 2003 & 2004 & 2005 The Harbour Company.

Website editorials, 2001 & 2002 & early 2003.

Author Speeches.


        12-03, A Christmas Carol, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Alaska Theater for Youth.

        12-04, A Christmas Carol, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Alaska Theater for Youth.

        03-04, Romeo and Juliet, Alaska Center for the Performing Arts, Alaska Theater for Youth.


         1-15-03: Alaska Highway Natural Gas Pipeline, Far North Oil & Gas Review..

        10-10-02: "Like a Family", Anchorage Chronicle.

         10-10-02: "Alaska's Proposition #3 and the Freedom to be Foolish", Far North Oil & Gas Review.

          8-29-02:   "Let's Lay Our Cards On The Table", Anchorage Chronicle.

8-22-02: "Learn From Experience or Repeat the Lesson."  Anchorage Chronicle.

8-15-02: "Who Will Build An Alaska Gas Pipeline?", Anchorage Chronicle.

6-02: "49 North", Far North Oil & Gas Review, Yellowknife.

5-02, "49 North", Far North Oil & Gas Review, Yellowknife.

5-8-02, Seattle Chamber of Commerce Paper and Speech: "Arctic Energy: Benefits for Alaska, Washington and All America"

4-16-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "Since the Gala: A Talk With the Canadian Counsul General".

4-16-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "Momentum and Unresolved Issues for Arctic Gas Pipelines".

4-16-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "U.S. Can Ill Afford Alienating Closest Friends".

3-6-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "State Revenue Commissioner Wil Condon is discussing new details of proposed financing of a natural gas pipeline project with Alaska Railroad Corp. tax-free bonds" by Tim Bradner; photo by Northern Gas Pipelines

2-5-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "What is the best way to commercialize North Slope natural gas?",   See opposing editorial here.

1-16-02, Anchorage Daily News: Op-Ed Gas Pipeline.

1-1-02, Oil & Gas Reporter: "Cowper Bets on GTL Project Unless Governments Support Gas Pipeline", p.4; Cuba Wadlington Jr. photo, p.5; "Canadians Tell Arctic Gas Symposium of Potential for Cooperation", p.7; Alberta Energy Minister Murray Smith photo, p.7.; "State Chalks Up 14 Years of Mild Growth, Fried Says" (NGP contributed).

12-18-01, "Canada Expresses Solidarity", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter.

11-7-01, "Gas Pipeline Stakeholders: Getting the Act Together", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter.

11-7-01, "Bonnie Robson Photo", Alaska Oil & Gas Reporter.

11-7-01, Natural Gas Council's In-state Access Committee Meets.

11-3-01, "Pipeline Security at Various Levels", Anchorage Daily News.

"Congressmen Quiz Representatives On Gas Pipeline", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter, 10-15-01, pp. 6-7.

"Website Becomes Clearing House for Gas Pipeline Issues", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter, 9-1-01.

"Joint Pipeline Panel Looks Into Economic Feasibility", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter, 9-1-01.

"Committee Looks at State Ownership of Gas Pipeline, Taxes", Alaska Oil and Gas Reporter, 9-1-01.

"Bill outlawing northern gas pipeline route was fueled by good intentions, but its poor timing could have adverse affects", Petroleum News Alaska, 4- 01, Vol. 6, No. 4.

"Prayer In Advance",, 2000.

"Alaskan Oil Is Key To solving fuel Crisis", The Washington Times, 9-29-00.

"Y2K's Final Countdown", Alaska Business Monthly, 12-99.

"Securing America's Last Frontier", Access Control and Security Systems Magazine, 8-99

"In Memoriam: Dr. John Crossett", poem appearing in Phases of the Mind, Alaska Pacific University, 2-15-86.  (International Association of Poets Award of Merit: 8-02)

"Operating Your Parking System: What Are My Options?",  International Parking Institute (MG-0117-725): Municipal parking systems around the country have used a myriad of operating methods-self-operation, management contracts, commercial operation, and a combination of all these. What is right for your city? A. George Cook, Colonial Parking; Dave Harbour, Anchorage Parking Authority, 1993; Advisory Board, International Parking Institute.

"Cher is helping Alaskan Natives Claim Benefits", Augusta Chronicle-Herald, 1-7-73.

"Entertainer Urges Alaska Natives to Probe Claims," Van Nuys Valley News, 1-4-73.

"Enrollment" (Alaska Native), Tundra Times, 1-19-73.

"Newspapers Used in Search for Alaskan Natives", Editor & Publisher, 12-30-72.

"Interior Airways Gets a New Name", Anchorage Daily Times, 6-27-72.

"Alaska Methodist University Students...benefit from...Claims Act," Everett Herald, 10-17-72.

"Alaska Natives to Benefit", Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 10-15-01.

"Native Claims Settlement", Northwest Indian News, 10-72.

"Wolverine Electric: Mastering the Team Approach", Alaska construction & Oil, 10-72.

"Ernie Kissee, veteran Alaska sportsman...", Anchorage Daily News, 8-13-72.

"You're Never Too Old To Learn", The Compass, 7-72.

"Granny Goose Comes to Alaska", Great Lander, 6-21-72.

"Giant-Sized Bottles", Anchorage Daily News, 5-2-72.

"Secretary Overcomes Handicap", Anchorage Daily Times, 4-27-72.

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"Internship Gives Grads On The job Experience", The Kentucky Press, 11-71.

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"Throwing the Bull," Bullseye, 11-27-69 & 12-24-68.

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"Gifts for Orphans", Korea Herald, 10-6-68.

"Campus vs. Classical Radicalism", Colorado State University Reach, 11-16-64

"Country Trout", Western Outdoors, 1-64.

3.   ARTICLES & PHOTOS ABOUT THE AUTHOR (Under construction; more):

1-26-03: Harbour Joins Regulatory Commission: Petroleum News Alaska; State of Alaska; Commission Page

"Harbour Directs 2nd Gas Conference", Alaska Oil & Gas Reporter, 2-6-02.

"Gasline Online", Anchorage Daily News, by Tony Hopfinger.  (Text Here), 2-4-02.        

"CBC North, Yellowknife", Interviewing Harbour re: Northern Gas Pipelines, 9-01. 

"Pipeline is Deja Vu for Harbour", Alaska Journal of Commerce, by Tim Bradner, 1-21-01.

"Heritage Land Bank", Anchorage, Alaska.

10-13-97.  Sakhalin-Alaska College Grand Opening - 10/01/97 ... Dave Harbour, president of Action Security Inc. and one of the  businessmen on the trip, said Steffy deserves a lot of the credit himself. "Without Dennis Steffy, there wouldn't be this incredible institute in Yuzhno. The Russians think he is the Prince of Alaska.  He is the best we have." Harbour said.

Russian Far East: "Legislative Leaders Launch Russian Far East Trade Mission", 9-27-97.  "Trip to Russian Far East", Reprinted from Peninsula Clarion / Shana Loshbaugh - Soldotna, Alaska 10/13/97).    "The trip was extremely productive. As a result of our visit, we are negotiating agreements with a major Russian Far East company to distribute large volumes of wholesale security hardware. We are negotiating with a major Russian developer to install -- through a joint venture -- electronic security systems. And, we are looking to supply oil industry security product needs through several Russian joint ventures."

2001 Directory of Registered Municipal Lobbyists As of ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML ... Harbour, Dave 2440 E. Tudor Rd. #463 Anchorage, AK 99507  ... 

"The following links page was kindly provided by Mr. Dave Harbour of Arctic Gas website. We thank him for his hard work to put this list together."

Anchorage Daily News Archives: numerous references to "Dave Harbour"


4.  About the Author's Father, Col. Dave Harbour (Under construction):


"Advanced Wild Turkey Hunting and World Records", ASIN: 0832902861, 1983. 

"Hunting the American Wild Turkey", ASIN: 0811708632, 1975.

"Super Freshwater Fishing Systems", ASIN: 0811717127, 1971. 

"Modern ABC's of Bird Hunting", ISBN: 0595190375 , 1966.

"The Flying Sportsman", Library of Congress Catalog: 52-8288, 1952.

  • ARTICLES  (Many, to come....)
  • REFERENCES: About Col. Dave Harbour

"The Colonel's Last Hunt", TurkeyCall (Photo-r), September-October 1988, P.O. Box 530, Edgefield, SC 29824-0530, by Carroll A. Lange.

"The Best of Sports Afield" (The Greatest Outdoor Writing of the 20th Century), "My Old Kentucky Gobbler", by Dave Harbour, p. 76, ISBN 0-87113-644-9, 1996.

"Dave Harbour wrote "Hunting the American Wild Turkey.”

Kentucky State Chapter, National Wild Turkey Federation.  "Col. Harbour is credited with the formula that we use today to score our birds. He also donated to the NWTF his many, many records of the wild turkey that he had studied in the field and birds that were harvested by himself and others. It was always a pleasure to visit the colonel at his camp at Hillman Campground in LBL. He had hours and hours of stories that he would relate to us of his numerous travels and hunts."

Field & Stream, "The tube might have disappeared from all but the deepest hollows by now were it not for the chance meeting of barber Harold Knight and writer Dave Harbour in Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes in the early 1970s. Harbour met local turkey hunting legend Knight and asked him about the homemade call hanging around his neck. "He'd never seen a pill bottle before," says Knight, "so I gave him one and showed him how to use it. Next day, he killed a big gobbler with it. After he wrote a story about his hunt, people started calling me wanting to buy my tubes. And that's how I got into the call-making business."

"Hunting the Rio Grande Turkey"

Rob Keck, Executive Director of the National Wild Turkey Federation, the late Colonel Dave Harbour, an avid hunter and internationally renowned outdoor writer, Bob and Lynn Boykin, and many others have taken their Oscillated turkey toward their World Slams (killed every type of turkey in the world) while hunting at Snook Inn Hunting and Fishing Lodge.

Kentucky NWTF History: ... were Col. Dave Harbour (long time friend of David Hale and Harold Knight) who encouraged us, and Wade Bourne, whose help was readily available. Carlton was ...

Night Hawk Publications - John's Journal ... Trophy scoring: Based on a system devised by the late outdoor writer Dave Harbour to establish records on the most outstanding turkeys taken throughout the ... 

"Hunting the Rio Grande Turkey with Dave Harbour", Nighthawk Publications, Part 4.

The Wild Turkey Zone: Wild Turkey Books ... HB. 52, Advanced Wild Turkey Hunting and World Records,
Harbour, Dave, 1983, Winchester Press, 284, HB. ... 

"Protect & Avenge", The 49th Fighter Group in World War II, by S.W. Ferguson & William K. Pascalis, Schiffer Military History Book, 1996, Library of Congress Catalog: 94-68964.  (p. 113. "Second Lt. David Harbour in the Flying Knights flight led by Capt. Sid Woods was able to overtake an OSCAR in a dive begun at 18,000 feet.  Harbour's Ki-43 victim spiraled down in flames for the first official confirmed victory by a Lockheed pilot flying under 9th Squadron colors."

5.  About the Author's brother, Doug Harbour (under construction):

  • BOOKS:

          David's First Hunt, by Doug Harbour, Sponsor: NRA, p. Inter Sports, 1988.

          David and the Monster Bass, by Doug Harbour, Sponsor: Eagle Claw, p. Inter Sports, 1985


Colorado RV, Sports, Boat & Travel Show 2001
... Other presentations include Doug Harbour on Kids Fishing....

HOW TO HUNT PHEASANTS: Hosted by Jay S. Warburton, you will enjoy and learn the secrets for hunting upland game birds from nationally known and respected outdoor guide & author Doug Harbour and his son David.  Warburton Productions, Inc.

"Merriams Could Be the Easiest with Doug Harbour," Nighthawk Publications, Part 4.

6.  About the Author's son, Todd Harbour: 

The Wallflower Critical Guide To "Contemporary North American Directors", ISBN 1-903364-09-4, 2000 (Todd Harbour entries & page numbers: Matthew Bright-57, John Dahl-111, John Lasseter-271, James Mangold-305, David Nutter-335, Adam Rifkin-382, David Twohy-462, Terry Zwigoff-607)

          "Mobius Home Video Forum", numerous reviews. 

Charlotte Sometime.  "Professionally acted by a convincing (and attractive) ensemble cast that hums with chemistry, Charlotte Sometimes' shifting triangular relationships with their added context of Asian-American cultural ...."  --Todd Harbour, http://www.mobius/

10.  About daughter-in-law, Lorie Harbour:   Halibut Olympia Recipe.      

Misc.  VOTH, SOA.


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