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ALERT:  U.S. Arctic economic survival as we know it is in peril.  Regular readers know that this writer and webpage are committed toBBNC Dan OHara Greets Secretary Ken Salazar - NBP Photo by Dave Harbour_4-14-09Senator Murkowski warmly greets Secretary Ken Salazar_NGP Photo by Dave Harbour_4-14-09 displaying facts and minimizing emotional reactions to events.  However, I would offer to triangulate your thinking by revealing three developing phenomena whose nexus could result in a substantial delay if not death blow to America's participation as an economic power in the Arctic.  Read more here when the link appears next week.  Meanwhile, read about the MMS hearing in the 4-16 entry below. See OCS editorial pieces this week by Author in Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Journal of Commerce.  (Photos: BBNC's Dan O'Hara Greets Secretary Salazar, who also receives a warm welcome from Senator Lisa Murkowski.)

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CH2M HILL: One of World's Most Ethical Companies, 2009 (NGP Photo: Administrative Technician Wayne Armstead at 4-14-09 Anchorage OCS event.)


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4-30-09.  PNAThe latest closing, of National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska lands managed by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, was announced today.  Mike Worley of BLM’s Arctic field office said NPR-A tundra travel would close at noon May 1.  “Ice roads and snow-packed trails have become soft and impassable, requiring an end to their use. All stream crossings have been breached,” he said in an e-mail this morning.      *       Silo Breaker.  Pembina Pipeline Income Fund agreed on Wednesday to buy Talisman Energy Inc.'s Cutbank natural gas-processing complex for $300-million, looking to expand into the sector as it diversifies its operations.

4-29-09.  American Solutions.  If some members of Congress have their way, your household energy bill will go up by $3,100.

4-28-09.  Syrin (Sherry Whitstine) Blog.  (This entry seems remarkably similar--identical in part--to an Andrew Halcro opinion piece, here with the Alaska Dispatch.)  Facing re-election in November of 2010 means that if Governor Sarah Palin seeks re-election while harboring hopes about competing for the GOP nomination for president in 2012, she'd have to hit the campaign trail less than two months after she gets re-elected to serve a four year term as governor.   ... The Palin brains behind the AGIA dream, DNR Commissioner Tom Irwin and Marty Rutherford, forced TransCanada to move up their pre-filing to save face. ...the appointment of Harry Noah in February to work on developing cost estimates for an in-state gas pipeline....     *       Calgary Herald, by Dina O'Meara.  TransCanada Corp.' s 1.1-million barrel per day Key-stone Pipeline could be shipping sweet crude from North Dakota next year, as well as oil from northern Alberta, according to a new U. S. study presented at an oil and gas conference in Regina. ... Producers in North Dakota have been eyeing the new pipeline as an option to ship their Bakken product since TransCanada announced the project, said Justin Kringstad of the North Dakota Pipeline Authority.  ... TransCanada provided technical information for the study, commissioned on behalf of the North Dakota Industrial Commission, to evaluate transportation options, and is open to the possibility, spokesman Jeff Rauh told the Herald.  "We're a common carrier pipeline, in the business of shipping oil, and if Bakken area producers decide that this makes sense, then we look forward to discussing an interconnection with them," Rauh said.

4-27-09.    FNM by Rene Delbridge.  Money for repairs to the Dalton Highway to pave the way for a large-diameter natural gas pipeline was among Gov. Sarah Palin’s top priorities this year.       *  The Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC (“Denali”) has announced that it has awarded an engineering contract for the Gas Mainline Project to Bechtel, a world class engineering firm. The mainline project includes the pipeline and associated compressor stations from Alaska's North Slope to Alberta, Canada.  "I'm very pleased that Denali has been able to partner with Bechtel for this work,” said Kris Fuhr, Vice President and Mainline Project General Manager.     *     Alaska Mud Flats column, by Dana Stabenow.  There was a 7.9 earthquake along the Denali Fault in interior Alaska in 2002 that resulted in not one single leak. I heart engineers.     *     PNA by Eric Lidji.   ANGDA worried about funding.   Throughout much of the latter part of the session, ANGDA worried the administration work might siphon funding or interest from its own work. Harold Heinze, chief executive officer of ANGDA, and Noah reached some terms of agreement in the final days of the session.  Ultimately the Legislature funded the $312,100 operating budget of ANGDA, but not the capital budget requested to fund specific projects relating to its spur line project. ANGDA plans to meet soon to discuss how to continue its work in light of its financial situation.   Enstar, a private company, did not request funding from the Legislature this year.     *     Calgary Herald, by Dan Healing.  Precision Drilling Trust president and CEO Kevin Neveu says rivals who don't like the financing deal his company -- the biggest driller in Canada -- struck with the provincial government this week are suffering from a malady called "competitive envy."

45-26 & 25-09 weekend news.... ADN By Mike Campbell.  Heart Run: Your author took time off to compete in the 5k, competitive race Saturday, "Mended Heart Division: #15 Dave Harbour 38:47.0"; see Channel 11 Video interview.     *     KTUU by Ashton Goodell.   More than 80 representatives of indigenous peoples from around the world have been meeting at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center this week to discuss how climate change has affected their communities.  (Note: in a few days we'll link this with other anti-oil and gas efforts that bode badly for  Arctic activity.  -dh)        *    Special Comment: How can we expect to maintain the freedom to explore for and produce then transport oil and gas when the basic freedoms from government control appear to be diminishing, as the level and complexity of government-manipulated natural resource regulations and restrictions are increasing?  Watch this video as Texas Governor Rick Perry convenes a press conference to support a legislative resolution affirming Texas' sovereignty under the 10th Amendment.   As you watch, consider that Texas' sister oil state, Alaska, is controlled to a much greater degree by Washington due to the much greater Federal ownership of lands within our borders and the more and more restrictive controls being exercised by that government on those lands.      -dh  (See additional video re: states seeking sovereignty under 10th Amendment.)     *     Thursday morning, Alaska Support Industry Alliance President Jeanine St. John,Mary Shields and Dr. Milton Byrd by Dave Harbour - 4-09 Darryl Luoma by Dave Harbour 4-23-09longtime Alliance leader, Dr. Milton Byrd (NGP Photo-r) and others expressed appreciation on occasion of her retirement to Mary Shields (NGP Photo-r), for her years of dedicated service.  Then Darryl Luoma (NGP Photo-l), BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.'s Liberty Development Project manager briefed an attentive audience on the $1+ billion project designed to produce over 40 thousand barrels per day by 2011, from a 100 million barrel reservoir, while enhancing production, at the same time, of the nearby Endicott field.  The Liberty team completed 3-D seismic activity last summer, will expand Endicott facilities this Spring and also upgrade the Sag River bridge in preparation for drilling early in 2010.  This coming July, the drilling rig will move from its construction location in Vancouver to its new North Slope home.  The rig will feature--among other impressive statistics--105 thousand foot pounds of torque.  This most powerful rig in the world is needed to create the longest wells in history.  The wells, mostly between 6-8 miles, will require specially customized drilling pipe that has a thinner wall thickness than normal drill pipe (for lightness), and alloy characteristics that provide the additional strength and flexibility required for the  state-of-the-art 'extended-reach wells.  (PDF Brochure)        *        Commentary Beyond Oil—Transforming Transportation is ''s' popular sixth annual conference on tolling, technology, alternative fuels and electrified transportation cosponsored with Microsoft has been set for October 23-24, 2009 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Wash.  Humble suggestion: maybe the oil industry doesn't realize that the eco-leadership of the country is out to kill hydrocarbons.  These new elitists care not what burden this poses for consumers, what weakness it brings to our economy and to national defense.  Maybe the oil industry purchasing offices should quietly begin patronizing suppliers that support their employers.  At least we should endeavor to support suppliers who do not actively oppose existence of the essential, hydrocarbon, wealth producing industries.  Why should companies like Microsoft receive more and more patronage from the oil industry which it then uses against that life-giving business?  (The site seems useful, in general.)    -dh     *     CBC TransCanada Corp. has started the highly anticipated process of seeking permits from the U.S. government to build a natural gas pipeline along the Alaska Highway.  (KTVA Story by Carolyn Kluckertz)

4-24 & 23-09.  PNA via ADN, by Eric Lidji The state should focus on filling a short-term gap in CookDarryl Luoma (left) and John Goll by Dave Harbour 4-23-09 Inlet gas supplies, rather than become too involved in efforts to build a bullet pipeline from the North Slope, according to a legislative consultant.     *     ADN.  TransCanada Corp. today filed paperwork for approval to begin the work needed to get U.S. regulators' approval for its proposed multibillion-dollar natural gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Alberta, Canada.  (KTVA Story, by Carolyn Kuckertz)  *    At the Alliance meeting on Thursday, MMS Regional Director John Goll announced that MMS will present the Offshore Leadership Awards at an Offshore Technology Conference luncheon in Houston, Texas, on May 7, 2009, to outstanding individuals whose exceptional performance has raised the bar for safety achievement, improved environmental pSecretary Ken Salazar - Copyrighted NGP Photo by Dave Harbour - 4-14-09rotection, enhanced resource recovery and conservation, or inspired innovation and outstanding performance by others. Darryl Luoma, BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. will be honored for outstanding leadership, "in the innovative and visionary approach to developing the use of extended-reach drilling technology for the Liberty Development Project."  (NGP Photo of Messrs. Goll (r) and Luoma)    *    Bristol Bay Times, by Alex DeMarban.   The fishermen, whalers, oilmen and activists who signed up to speak to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (NGP Photo, 4-14-09) agreed on one thing.  His decision to allow more oil and gas drilling in Alaska’s seas, or not to do so, will be momentous.  Those in favor of offshore drilling said Alaska’s future depends on more oil production, and soon. It would create jobs, help wean the country off foreign sources of oil and boost the nation’s treasury.  Salazar, wearing his trademark cowboy hat and bolo tie, said he understands both sides.  

4-22-09.   Alaska Conservation Alliance Supports Bullet Line Routing.  From a letter to Enstar's Colleen StarringColleen Starring and Tim Bradner - RCA Hearing - 1-10-09 (NGP Photo with AJOC Journalist, Tim Bradner, at 1-10-09 RCA hearing).  "...the apparent logical environmentally preferable choice for the gas pipeline through Denali National Park & Preserve is the six miles along the Parks Highway."  Signed, Jim Stratton, Alaska Regional Director, National Parks Conservation Association; Kate Troll, Executive Director, Alaska Conservation Alliance; Nancy Bale, President, Denali Citizens Council; Eleanor Huffines, Alaska Regional Director, The Wilderness Society; Toby Smith, Executive Director, Alaska Center for the Environment; Jeremy Pataky, Executive Director, Wrangell Mountains Center; Bob Shavelson, Executive Director, Cook Inlet Keeper; John Toppenberg, Director, Alaska Wildlife Alliance.      *      Rabble Canada.  This past January Ottawa also offered financial assistance to the controversial Mackenzie Valley pipeline project. The offer was announced by none other than Jim Prentice (apparently funding pipelines is a matter for the minister responsible for protecting the environment) during a meeting with oil company executives.    *     ADN by Elizabeth Blue MinkSmat works for a Masai tribal nonprofit in Kenya that works on education and economic development. She's also one of roughly 400 delegates from more than 70 countries to this week's Indigenous People's Global Summit on Climate Change at the Dena'ina Convention Center in downtown Anchorage. The summit was sponsored by the United Nations, the World Bank and many foundations and nonprofits.   (Commentary:  I wonder how many of the participants in this extravagant meeting would be traveling here from Europe, Africa and other hemispheres if they had to pay for the trip themselves.  Never ceases to amaze me how many conferences occur for causes in which the globetrotting tourists are complaining about the actions of the very countries and companies which directly and indirectly contribute involuntarily or otherwise to that travel.  One can safely bet that the result of this conference will be to blame certain interests for the perceived ills documented by conventioneers, ills which will undoubtedly require more expensive meetings and 'funding' and perhaps direct grants in years to come from the United Nations and its hapless, major contributors.   I'm also always amazed that the mainstream media's 'trained journalists' so seldom ask questions like: 'Who is paying for your hotel room and airline ticket, and why?  Follow the money.  -dh)

4-21-09.  KTUU Story and Video Clip by Jason MooreFollowing Friday's court ruling affecting federal offsPete Slaiby at Anchorage Chamber 4-20-09 NGP Photo by Dave Harbourhore oil and gas leases, the question now is what's next.  For Shell Alaska, the largest holder of offshore leases in the state, big dollars are at stake, and on Monday the company's general manager Scott Goldsmith and Pat Burden - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 4-20-09voiced his concerns to the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.  "The bottom line is you can shoot seismic until the cows come home, but until you can drill a well you can't move your development program forward," Pete Slaiby (NGP Photo-r) said.  For the last several years court challenges stymied Shell's plans for exploration wells. And now the new ruling means more setbacks.  "So the challenge of course is on the regulatory side and it's a bit of a jungle out there, actually," Slaiby said.  Friday an appeals court in Washington, D.C. threw out the federal government's five-year offshore lease program, saying more environmental studies need to be done.  The question for many is what the decision means for leases already sold under the program -- about $9 billion worth in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.  ThePhil Okeson - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 4-20-09 Sami Glascott - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 4-20-09environmental groups that brought the suit say they too should be invalid, including last year's sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea.   *    Chamber President Phil Okeson (NGP Photo-lower right), also the CFO of Northern Air Cargo, introduced the program which included comments by Dr. Scott Goldsmith (Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska-Anchorage) and Pat Burden (Northern Economics) on their recently completed Alaska OCS economic study (NGP Photo-l).  The study, entitled, "Economic Analysis of Future Offshore Oil and Gas Development, projects a number of benefits to Alaska and the nation--not counting probable future MMS royalty revenue sharing--to include: over $8 billion in net state/local revenue benefits along with a potential of 6,000 jobs and many indirect economic benefits.  (Photo-l, new Chamber President, Sami Glascott.) 

4-20-09.   Sheila McNulty of the Financial Times reports that Alaska’s efforts to drive interest in a natural gas pipeline to the rest of the US have been slowed by the triple hit to the industry from the economic downturn, plunging commodity prices and the credit squeeze.     ADN, by Sean Cockerham.  There was a Saturday blowup when Fairbanks Republican Rep. Mike Kelly objected to appropriating state energy assistance money and suggested people in rural Alaska should cut wood rather than rely on the proposed state aid.

4-18&19-09.  ADN Blog by Sean CockerhamLast night's blowup in the state House was followed by closed door wrangling at the Capitol today on what to do about the $9 million the governor wants for an in-state natural gas pipeline.       *     FNM by Rena Delbridge.   After some chaos Thursday evening and Friday regarding the capital budget, legislators cut a controversial $9 million appropriation for Gov. Sarah Palin’s in-state gas development.     *     Weekend News.  Z-Net by Todd Gordon.  This past January Ottawa also offered financial assistance to the controversial Mackenzie Valley pipeline project. The offer was announced by none other than Jim Prentice (apparently funding pipelines is a matter for the minister responsible for protecting the environment) during a meeting with oil company executives. The amount of the offer hasn't been disclosed, but one industry observer estimated it could potentially be as high as $2 billion.  The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline is the largest infrastructural project in Canadian history, with a cost estimated at $16.2 billion and rising.     *     Oil Sands Truth.  Despite the continuation of the little side show designed to make us believe that this pipeline is set to go to "markets in the lower 48", there is still both the maps of where the gas is to go (the Alberta Grid) and the basic math which tells us that the pipeline is *needed* in order to get to the production targets for the tar sands of Alberta-- over 5 million barrels a day of tar sands bitumen/ mock oil.

4-17-09.  ADN by Nedra Pickler (AP) A three-judge panel in Washington found that the Bush-era InteriorNGP Copyrighted Photo of Secretary Ken Salazar by Dave Harbour_4-14-09 Department failed to consider the effect on the environment and marine life before it began the process in August 2005 to expand an oil and gas leasing program in the Beaufort, Bering and Chukchi seas. The appeals court ordered the department, now run by President Barack Obama's appointee Ken Salazar (NGP Photo, 4-14-09), to analyze the areas to determine environmental risks and potential damage before moving ahead with the program. Salazar was in Alaska this week holding public hearings on plans made under the Bush administration to hold lease sales over the next five years in those three areas.   (See FNM story by Betty Mills.    *       More Commentary.  Friday...end of week.  Big week.  Catching our collective breath.  Why has this gas pipeline webpage spent so much time and effort focusing on Secretary Ken Salazar's extraordinary, nationwide town meeting tour ending with his appearances in Dillingham, Anchorage, and, yesterday, San Francisco?  Here it is: The great Arctic Storehouse of Energy by the end of the 1960s had experienced the exploration momentum produced by the steady determination of the Arctic energy pioneers.  The 1967-68 Prudhoe Bay discovery was matched by Mackenzie Delta gas finds and producers had designed a transportation system for both volumes by the late 1970s.  That effort was scuttled by politics and energy prices as our readers know so well.  Since then, our industry technology has advanced along with our capabilities.  But Prudhoe Bay and Mackenzie Delta gas reserves are still orphans and Trans Alaska Pipeline throughput is still declining at a strong 7% annual clip.  There is no Mackenzie Delta gas pipeline.  New exploration prospects will help sustain TAPS production and provide new reserves support for Arctic gas pipelines.  New production will create new national wealth, jobs, government revenue and manufacturing feedstock.  Exploration prospects primarily exist beneath government lands and waters.  The Federal governments control the greatest prospective areas.  Those governments make that energy potential available for exploration via lease sales.  Without lease sales, momentum continues to slow down along with dreams of greater energy dependence and economic prosperity.  Without timely, efficiently executed lease sales momentum slows.  Moreover, even with timely, efficient lease sales, the good faith lease holders are subject to the three dimensional permit requirements of many local, state and Federal agencies.  They are also subject to legal attack, which can interfere with the smooth execution of contractual responsibilities and success of the exploration and development missions.  In short, this historical week held so much importance for Alaskans and Americans because the whole source of energy wealth production now balances on the judgment and decisions of Secretary Salazar and members of his team, including his new Senior Advisor for Alaska, Kim Elton.  The future of Northern Gas Pipelines, therefore, partly depends on government lease sale decisions and accounts for our extra effort to provide our readers with these reports and links.   -dh     *     See AJOC Story by Tim Bradner.    *     Statement from Senator Murkowski (NGP Photo, 4-14-09) issued 11:38 a.m. TodaySenator Lisa McGuire_NGP Copyrighted Photo by Dave Harbour_4-14-09: U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today gave the following statement after a federal appeals court canceled a program to expand oil and gas drilling off Alaska’s coast:"I am disappointed that the D.C. Circuit has issued this decision to vacate and remand the five year Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) leasing program to the extent that this may now cause a further delay in the development of the oil and gas resources that America still requires to fuel its economy," Murkowski said.  "Alaska’s OCS is America’s energy storehouse and it needs to be developed with sensitivity to climate change and marine life, but I am troubled that the groups behind this litigation are engaging in the too-familiar tactic of suing on every possible issue, no matter the legal merits.  This is evidenced by five of the six claims – all relating to climate change and endangered species - having been dismissed or denied.  "As of this morning, the price of oil in America is up and supply is down.  Whether this case is appealed again or if the Department of Interior restructures the five year plan, I am hopeful that a good faith effort to advance a responsible and efficient program for our OCS resources in Alaska and elsewhere will be a priority for all three branches of government.  The world’s environment, as well as our Nation’s security and economy, depend on our leadership on this issue."   *    FNM by Rena Delbridge.  A last-minute appropriation in the capital budget giving Gov. Sarah Palin $9 million to develop an in-state gas line caused an uproar about what some lawmakers call a major shift in state policy only three nights before the session ends.

4-14&16-09 New Afternoon Commentary:   (Listen to this outstanding audio, as RDC's Jason Brune (NGP Photo-l) describes the activities of 4-14, followed by a thoughtful presentation from Kim Elton (NGP Photo-r), Senior Advisor to Secretary Ken Salazar regarding Alaska Affairs.  You will learn much.  More photos from this morning's meeting here.)  Anchorage OCS-DOI Public Meeting Statistics: In the morning session, Tuesday (4-14-09), 20spoke in favor of OCS development and 14 spoke in opposition.  In the session between 1 p.m. and 8:45 p.m., 56 spoke in support of OCS development and 48 were opposed.  All of Alaska's Congressional and State Legislative speakers spoke in favor of OCS development.  Of all "commenters", 76 spoke in favor and 62 opposed OCS development.  My own observation is that while a majority of the anti-contingent was very articulate and often passionate, the arguments used were primarily emotional and subjective.  Virtually all of the 'concerns' expressed are the concerns that are adjudicated in any regulatory and permitting process.  Using due process as a guide, the permitting agency hears concerns and approves or disapproves or approves with conditions.  If we stopped forward movement every time someone had a concern about any aspect of America's social, economic or business evolution, the country would implode.  Rather, using the rule of law, we consider advantages and disadvantages of various development applications.  We make permit or lease decisions, sometimes with mitigating requirements.  If an aggrieved party wishes, he may appeal administrative decisions or move the venue via lawsuit from the administrative to the judicial venue.  In this way, our country moves forward, albeit somewhat awkwardly.  At least, using this process, the country does not implode, nor does it regulate itself with the engine grease of graft, as we find so prevalent in the former Soviet Union where the rule of law is so in its infancy, so subject to abuse.  I observed that most of the pro-OCS speakers spoke about the economic imperatives, about industry's ability to meet permitting requirements or other historical support for moving ahead toward a reasonable 2010-2015 OCS leasing program.  Were I of more authority, I would have commended Secretary Salazar on having conducted professional, apparently objective and unbiased fact-finding meetings.  I certainly respect his ability to have the personal courage and presence and quick wit to deal with extemporary situations involving many competing interests.  Hopefully, due process will guide Secretary Salazar, Alaska Advisor, Kim Elton, and MMS - BLM leaders forward in a manner which preserves the citizens' and consumers' rights to an objective process that also protects our national security interests.  -dh  (See Richard Pombo column here.)

4-15 & 16-09Secretary Ken Salazar at 4-14-09 Anchorage Meeting - NGP Photo by Dave HarbourMorning Commentary:  After returning with Senator Mark Begich (NGP Photo-r) from a meeting Senator Mark Begich - NGP Photo By Dave Harbour 4-14-09in Dillingham, Secretary Ken Salazar (NGP Photo) walked boldly into an expertly managed, large city town meeting venue in Anchorage's Dena'ina Civic & Convention Center at 9 a.m. Tuesday amid rafter-shaking applause.  Salazar's smooth delivery, as you will see from the multi-media links below, exuded the confidence and experience of a skilled lawyer and political strategist.  From his first words until his departure, he attracted the personal respect of the diverse crowds.  From the links below, readers will have all the hard data they'll need but an important part of the day was the drama, the full court press, the political theater.  By 8 a.m. a large assembly of white, brown, Ron Barks and Family, NGP Photo by Dave Harbourblack and blue collar male and female citizens--some with children--had gathered for a "March for Jobs" on Town Square, a block away from the Convention Center.  This event, sponsored by the Alaska Support Industry Alliance (NGP Photo of Alliance's Paul Laird-r), was wellPaul Laird at 4-14-09 DOI Meeting - NGP Photo by Dave Harbour organized and obviously a true grassroots gathering as evidenced by the many varieties of slogan signs and posters. The crowd was colorful, brimming with bright shirts and coats, hard hats, big smiles and home-made signs all sporting the theme: "OCS - YES"!  What a pleasure it was interviewing Ron Barks, Lucy Jean, GPolar Bear Rides Horse Carriage - NGP Photo by Dave Harbourarrett and Savanna (Photo-l, and here's a link to our YouTube clip!).   Some OCS advocates had arranged for the local horse and carriage company to transport a Polar Bear uniformed fellow around the Convention Center proclaiming that everyone can get along.  Several environmental groups supported their own Polar Bear costume whose wearer pulled her bear head off at arrival of the television crews to reveal a beautiful, articulate spokesperson whose theme was OCS - NO.  When Secretary Salazar arrived the room was filled with enthusiastic and mostly ODon Young on 4-14-09 by Dave HarbourCS-supportive citizens who, one notes, maintained respectful decorum!  Salazar briefed the crowd on his Dillingham trip, the reason for the four large public meetings, the nature of the comment process and indicated a decision on the 2010-2015 OCS Lease SGovernor Sarah Palin by Dave Harbour 4-14-09ale Program should appear by year end, following the extended comment period.  He introduced Governor Sarah Palin (r), Senator Mark Begich, Senator Lisa Murkowski (Lower right) and Congressman Don Young (l) for statements.  Their comments were all pro-OCS Leasing and well delivered.   State Senator Lesil McGuire (l) and State Representative Charisse Millett (lower left) gave flawless, contemporaneous presentations in support of OCS.  Alaska Native leaders from coastal and Interior Alaska provided conflicting pro-OCS and anti-OCS remaLesil McGuire by Dave Harbour 4-14-09rks.  After the morning's hearings, two other events occurred.  The environmental groups sponsored a salmon bake on the same Town Square where the OCS - YES crowd had begun their early morning march while OCS - YES forces joined together in a large meeting room adjacent to the DOI Town Hall meeting room.  The Alaska Oil and Gas AssLisa Murkowski in NGP Photo by Dave Harbour 4-14-09ociation, under the leadership of Marilyn Crockett and with operational support from Kara Moriarty, hosted the large exhibit hall and hospitality room which provided a luncheon venue and an opportunity for a large number of exhibitors to showcase the role they play in responsible oil and gas development.  (Photos here.Resource Development Council for Alaska's Jason Brune and Carl Portman used the Exhibit Hall to organize the luncheon for several hundred OCS -YES supporters.  Speakers included Senator Mark Begich and Congressman Don Young, both strong OCS leasing advocates.  Other lunCharisse Millett by Dave Harbour 4-14-09cheon speakers were Alaska Department of Natural Resources CommissionerTom Irwin -l- and Chris Birch by Dave Harbour Tom Irwin (Lower right photo, standing), and Anchorage Assembly Member Chris Birch (Lower right photo, seated).  Irwin lauded industry contributions to Alaska and Birch presented an Assembly resolution unanimously supporting Alaska OCS exploration and development.  Following the two luncheon rallies, the crowds reassembled in the Town Meeting room, minus Secretary Salazar who had been meeting with journalists before leaving Anchorage to prepare for the San Francisco meeting occurring this morning (watch live here, today!      Dave Harbour commented to the MMS panel in the afternoon session (note: see testimony and CEA news release) and appeared with Super Dave on the Dan Fagan Radio show Tuesday afternoon to discuss the day's events.  OCS and Gas Pipeline devotees will also appreciate this private meeting Secretary Jeff Jones and Jason Brune by Dave Harbour 4-14-09Salazar had with local journalists: audio coming soon of Dave Harbour's Gas Pipeline question and Secretary Salazar's answer ("The Alaska Gas Pipeline is an important priority of President Obama.... Everything is on the table.") and short video.   MMS Website video of 4-14-09 Morning Session of the Anchorage DOI Public Meeting on OCS Leasing Plans.   *    KTUU Interview #1 of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, and Interview #2.   See ADN story by Kyle Hopkins.     *      The Alaska State House today passed House Bill (HB) 44, legislation pre-authorizing state agencies to issue bonds for energy-related programs and projects.     See Selected April Photos.

4-14-09 & 4-13-09.   TODAY IN ANCHORAGE: OCS MEETINGS.  APRN STORY-AUDIO.  Be sure to watch the Atlantic City and New Orleans events; then, see OCS editorial pieces this week by Author in Anchorage Daily News and Alaska Journal of Commerce (Note here is Secretary Ken Salazar's {Photo} Wikipedia entry.)     *      Shell Exploration & Production retained Northern Economics, Inc. and the Institute of Social and Economic Research at the University of Alaska Anchorage to evaluate the potential economic effects of Outer Continental Shelf exploration, development, and production over the next 50 years. The report and the study findings were presented to the public on March 9, 2009. See the sidebar on page 2 for a few of the study’s key findings. The full report is available on the Shell Alaska website.      *        ADNAlaska Gas Pipeline LLC said it has awarded an engineering contract for its gas pipeline project to Bechtel Corp. The project includes the pipeline and compressor stations from the North Slope to Alberta, Canada. Alaska Gas Pipeline is owned by North Slope producers BP and Conoco Phillips, who have dubbed their pipeline project "Denali."     *     ADN.  URS Corp. said it has been awarded a contract by TransCanada Corp. to provide studies and conceptual design work for a natural gas treatment plant at the Prudhoe Bay oil field. The plant would process up to 5 billion cubic feet of gas per day for a natural gas pipeline from the North Slope, if such a gas pipeline is built.      *         Calgary Herald by David Finch.   So it's probably time to build the long-delayed Mackenzie Valley pipeline and bring natural gas out of the North.  The $16-billion investment will create jobs for steel mill workers in Ontario, employ native workers in the North, and provide a secure supply of natural gas for decades to come.      *         (Personal note: Joni Butler {NGP Photo}, a new Alaska citizen, is a professional singer who does so like a perfectly pitched nightingale.  Fresh from several years entertaining cruise ship audiences, she rose Friday night as a guest in the Rotary audience, with no advance notice, and performed the National Anthem in such a way that I am sure she will be snapped up for gigs at nationally televised football and basketball playoffs.  This summer, she will be sharing her talent with students of Alaska Theater for Youth in their summer conservatory and later in the year developing for national touring a show entitled, "Here's To Divas".  If you have a gig for a professional, stunningly attractive Alaska singer, let us know."   Then, there is our own Alaska's I've Got Talent Winner, Eden Barrington (NGP Photo), who performed country and western ballads at the same Rotary Club Foundation event at the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel last Friday.  Afterward she told your author that the country and western genre was new to her, but that wasn't obvious in listening to her poised, powerful and beautiful output.  Write for information.  -dh)

4-10/12-09 Weekend News.  AJOC Editorial: Alaska’s energy opportunities are melting away.        *      San Antonio Express.  For environmental reasons and national security reasons, the United States must decrease its reliance on oil and gas especially foreign oil and gas.

4-9-09.  EDITORIAL.   American Solutions has taken a keen interest in next week's OCS hearings.  So has the Alaska Center for the EnvironmentWe at Northern Gas Pipelines share that keen interest as well.  An aggressive American OCS leasing, exploration and production program can be done safely.  Alaskans should appreciate that beginning to tap tens of billions of barrels of undeveloped oil resources and many trillions of cubic feet of clean burning natural gas will lengthen the life of the Trans Alaska Oil Pipeline and stimulate the financibility and feasibility an Alaska Gas Pipeline.  Americans everywhere will benefit more significantly with an enlightened OCS program than with any other initiative that President Barack Obama, Secretary Ken Salazar or the U.S. Congress could take.  Their actions could free America's offshore energy treasures without adversely impacting our other natural treasures.  Unshackling hundreds of billions of barrels of oil and vast natural gas reserves will produce such benefits as:  1) creating almost overnight several hundred thousand direct, high-paying jobs and millions of support industry and manufacturing jobs; 2) creating a huge and sustainable royalty and tax  (i.e. corporate and personal income and ad valorem) income streams to Federal and state governments (especially when the Feds begin fairly apportioning a reasonable share of production royalties to adjacent states that bear the impact of and provide critical support to economic activity); 3) eliminating vast trillions of dollars from the national debt; reversing the downward pressure on the value of American currency; 4) providing downward pressure on the the world and domestic price of energy by increasing supply; and, 5) assuring that as more and more electricity is produced from natural gas, it is America's gas and minimizes pressure for imported LNG fuel for which we will dearly pay.  Just imagine the Governor of California not having to issue IOUs to state workers, not presiding over tax increases that drive citizens closer to insolvency or out of state.  Imagine Florida with a declining bankruptcy and home forfeiture rate.  Imagine Alaska no longer fearing the draconian budget cuts that accompany our precipitous, 7% annual decline in Trans Alaska Pipeline oil throughput.  Those imaginings can become reality unless ....   -dh     *     Alaska Report.  Senator Mark Begich (NGP Photo) said he is working with Congress and the national administration to encourage additional domestic energy production as part of an overall national energy policy. He said Alaska should be receiving the same benefits as Louisiana through outer-continental shelf revenue sharing, which could have meant $900 million to Alaska. Begich also said he's working with the Obama administration to push development of an Alaska natural gas pipeline.     *     Stock Analyst.  The so-called "bullet" line from the Brooks Range foothills to Southcentral may or may not be the best way to replace our region's dwindling supply of affordable natural gas. But skeptics of the project have been using a dubious claim to discredit this potentially appealing option, which would follow the Parks Highway south from Fairbanks.  (See KSDP story, too.)   *     KTVA by Matthew Simon.   The Sarah Palin administration wants one environmental study with every possible "bullet line." Doing more than that Palin Pipeline Coordinator Harry Noah told ANGDA board members would be a, "Duplicative processes. And, when we do that we waste public money. And the governor is concerned about wasting public money."   The only environmental impact study ANGDA is only looking at right now is their Cook Inlet to Fairbanks plan. It would include building a smaller pipeline, off that pipeline, along the Richardson highway; and. shipping Cook Inlet gas down to Southcentral.  "The concern is why would we stop working on any effort we have underway," says ANGDA CEO Harold Heinze (NGP Photo, 9-8-08).

4-8-09.  Andrew Halcro Blog.  On April 14, let’s hope we can convince Secretary Ken Salazar that Alaska can aid America’s economic recovery with offshore and onshore drilling opportunities that will create high-paying jobs and revenues for government while decreasing our reliance on foreign sources of oil.       *     Do you remember that on April 8, 2008 ConocoPhillips and BP announced creation of Denali-NGP Photo by The Alaska Gas Pipeline?  Time flies, doesn't it.  -dh     *     On Monday, your author spoke with Dan Fagan on KFQD (NGP Photo, 2006-r) about the upcoming OCS Public Meeting organized by Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.        *    Yahoo Canada NewsFederal Environment Minister Jim Prentice (NGP Photo) confirmed reports Monday that costs for the joint review panel have nearly tripled from $6.8 million to $18 million.  The new budget, combined with the panel's delays in getting its final report ready, did not impress Inuvialuit Regional Corp. CEO Nellie Cournoyea, who said the cost overruns and the months of delays are unreasonable.  "I don't have any sympathy whatsoever," Cournoyea told CBC News from Inuvik, N.W.T., on Monday.

4-7-09.  ADNBill Tobin Discussing Evangeline Atwood book by Dave Harbour -PCA- 2008 by Debra McKinney (Early News).  He was a newspaperman, a philanthropist aWilliam J Tobin by Dave Harbour - 6-26-07 - Eagan Convention Centernd master of ceremonies extraordinaire. But Bill Tobin, who died Sunday evening, was also known as the eulogy man. (NGP Photo-l, 3-4-08, PCA: remembering, with Author, Evangeline Atwood's book about Anchorage.  Photo-r, attending historic session of the Alaska Legislature in Anchorage, 6-26-07.)  Share our video of Bill Tobin last summer describing to fellow, past Presidents / Chairmen of the Chamber of Commerce, the role of the Atwood Foundation and the many contributions to Alaska made by Bob and Evangeline Atwood.      *     PlattsA bill introduced in the Alaska Legislature Monday would create an Energy Department, which would combine two existing state agencies that oversee electric and natural gas projects in the state.     *     Calgary Herald (re: shale competition for Arctic gas pipelines).  Shale formations are providing new sources of gas in Texas, Arkansas and Pennsylvania, luring pipeline companies to help connect production sites with markets for the fuel.      *      ADN Editorial: Bullet LineThe so-called "bullet" line from the Brooks Range foothills to Southcentral may or may not be the best way to replace our region's dwindling supply of affordable natural gas. But skeptics of the project have been using a dubious claim to discredit this potentially appealing option, which would follow the Parks Highway south from Fairbanks.

4-6-09.  Homer News, by Phil Hermanek (Morris News Service).  An Enstar Natural Gas company representative speaking in Kenai last week said the company continues to target 2015 for the startup of its proposed bullet line to bring gas from the Brooks Range foothills to Fairbanks and Southcentral Alaska.  Addressing oil industry support members of Alliance, Enstar spokesman Curtis Thayer did not specify a date for pipeline construction to begin, but said aerial photography of potential routes has been completed already.       *      FNM. Many lawmakers cited energy issues as a priority for the 26th Legislature, particularly after the state issued a $1,200 energy rebate to eligible Alaskans last year. However, the myriad of energy-related measures on the radar aren’t moving quickly, including several bills field by Gov. Sarah Palin.  Two of her bills involve development of in-state natural gas.        *       Palin Political Site.  Yesterday, there was a new development on the small diameter in-state natural gas pipeline, or so called bullet line, that Governor Sarah Palin has been advocating. Senator Lisa Murkowski's office issued this press release on April 2nd, 2009, concerning the bullet line.

4-04 & 05-09 (Weekend).  Denali - The Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC (“Denali”) has announced that it has awarded an engineering contract for the Gas Mainline Project to Bechtel, a world class engineering firm. The mainline project includes the pipeline and
associated compressor stations from Alaska's North Slope to Alberta, Canada.  (See Oil Fuel-Space story.)     *     ToPix.  An Enstar Natural Gas company representative speaking in Kenai on Tuesday said the company continues to target 2015 for the startup of its proposed bullet line to bring gas from the Brooks Range foothills to Fairbanks and Southcentral Alaska.  (See Kenai Peninsula Clarion Dispatch story.)

4-03-09.  ADN by Chris Stephens.   The gas pipeline from Prudhoe Bay is a huge project of equally huge importance to the state. The competing pipeline projects -- Denali, owned by the gas producers, and TransCanada Corp., under contract with the state -- will be seeking commitments in 2010 from gas owners to ship through the pipe. The machinations and politics of these competing proposals are beyond description. I hope these two competing proposals will somehow result in a gas line being constructed.      *       Calgary Herald, by Dina O'Meara.  A day after the Herald reported oil and gas majors were backing away from costly carbon capture projects, others were quick to confirm they continue to vie for a piece of a $2-billion provincial CCS funding pie.

4-2-09.  KSDP, Sandpoint, Ak.-- U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, today introduced legislation designed to help development of an in-state natural gas pipeline in Alaska.  The Denali National Park and Preserve Natural Gas Pipeline Act would authorize a right-of-way for construction of an in-state natural gas pipeline along the Parks Highway for the roughly 7 miles the highway passes through Denali National Park. The legislation would remove a potential obstacle for proposals to construct a pipeline to deliver gas to Southcentral.  (Also, see today's KTVA story.)

4-1-09.  Charisse Millett Newsletter.  The question I’m asking myself is does changing ANGDA’s mission actually help get any pipeline project built? When ANGDA was created by a voter approved initiative in 2002 it was supposed to have a gas pipeline in operation by 2007. Obviously, that didn’t happen and so far the agency has received more than ten million dollars in state funding.  We also heard HB 164. It is legislation the administration believes is necessary to facilitate the construction of an in-state gas pipeline. It makes changes to right-of-way leases on state land and makes statutory changes designed to stimulate pipeline development.  Well, we have just three weeks left to go. I expect some long days ahead as the session moves closer to adjournment on April 19th.     *     DeSmogBlog.  Petro Canada and Suncor look like they're in for a Wild West Showdown with a group of angry landowners in Alberta.    *     Earthstream.  Petro Canada and Suncor look like they're in for a Wild West Showdown with a group of angry landowners in Alberta.  (Comment:  The environmental groups are well coordinated in Canada, too.  -dh) 

Some April Photos: Editors Wishing to Use Our Photos, Maps, Presentations or Copy, Click Here!

Friends, 4-24-09: Army Kirchbaum, Painter, and Dave Harbour

Friends, 4-24-09: Jeanette Brooks (APU Retired Registrar), and Dave Harbour


4-24-09 Alliance Meeting: Liberty Oil Project:


Mary Shields, Alliance Leader

Milton Byrd, Alliance Leader



Darryl Luoma, Liberty Project, BPX-AK

John Goll, Minerals Management Service (Alaska)



Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Meeting, 4-20-09.

Dr. Scott Goldsmith, Economist



Pat Burden, Northern Economics


Sami Glascott, Chamber President

Phil Okeson, Chamber Chairman

Pete Slaiby, Shell Oil's Alaska Manager

Lucas Frances, Shell Oil, and Chris Birch, Anchorage Assembly


Resource Development Council for Alaska Meeting, 4-16-09.




Chuck Hawley, Alaska Miner and gentleman par excellance!

Drue Pearce, Federal Pipeline Coordinator and Cam Toohey, Shell Oil Company


Ted Rockwell, EPA

Jeff Jones, AJOC and Tad Owens, Pioneer Natural Resources



Department of Interior's 4-14-09 MMS Public Meeting with Secretary Salazar:

Jeanine Saint John by Dave Harbour 4-14-09

Jeanine Saint John, Alaska Support Industry Alliance President


Bob Poe by Dave Harbour 4-14-09Bob Poe, Candidate for GovernorDavid Smith by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


T. David Smith, MMS Public Affairs Officer

Mark Begich and Don Young assisting Lisa Murkowski with wheelchair by Dave Harbour 4-14-09Senator Mark Begich and Congressman Don Young assisting Senator Lisa Murkowski with wheelchair following skiing accident.


Duane Heyman by Dave Harbour 4-14-09

Duane Heyman at RDC luncheon


Carol Gibson - Baker - By Dave Harbour

Carol Gibson, Michael Baker Jr., Inc.




Kara Moriarty, AOGADave Harbour and Micky Becker 4-14-09


Dave Harbour, NGP and Micky Becker, Shell


James Gilbert by Dave Harbour 4-14-09

James R. Gilbert, Udlehoven System Services, Inc.


Donna McGray and Ron Spilman - XOM by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Donna McGray and Ron Spilman - ExxonMobil


Duane Heyman on 4-14-09 by Dave Harbour

William Hill, Crowley

Duane Heyman, University of Alaska



Tom Maloney and Jeff Cook by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Tom Maloney, CH2M Hill, and Jeff Cook, AJOC

Tammy Dieckgraeff and George Rooney - Dowland-Bach


Tammy Dieckgraeff and George Rooney, Dowland-Bach

Stewart Parks by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Stewart Parks, NANA WorleyParsons

Richard Fineberg and John Binkley


Richard Fineberg and John Binkley

Ray Rivera by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Ray Rivera, DOI External Affairs

Portia Babcock by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Portia Babcock, ConocoPhillips

Kirk Sherwood by Dave Harbour 4-14-09D


Kirk Sherwood, MMS

Jim Bowles, ConocoPhillips


Jim Bowles, ConocoPhillips


Labor YES by Dave Harbour 4-14-09


Labor says, "Why Yes, to OCS!"


Lindsey Spinelli - Lyford StratCom

Lindsey Spinelli - Lyford StratCom

Matthew Nicolai on 4-14-09 by Dave Harbour



Matthew Nicolai, Calista Native Corporation



Rotary Foundation Dinner, 4-10-09:

Outstanding Sheraton Anchorage Hotel Sales Manager, Lena Schultze.



Mead Treadwell (r) and Dave Harbour at Rotary Foundation event, 4-10-09.





Bob Bell (Taco Bell, Aka Paco Taco). 






Phil Cochrane, BP Exploration-Alaska's External Affairs manager after Alliance breakfast meeting, 4-9-09.





Author and spouse enjoying 4-9-09 Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Patron Appreciation Dinner, 20th Anniversary.



Henry and Juna Penney enjoying 4-9-09 Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Patron Appreciation Dinner, 20th Anniversary.


Bob and Dee Reeves enjoying 4-9-09 Alaska Center for the Performing Arts Patron Appreciation Dinner, 20th Anniversary.


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