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Alaska Support Industry Alliance: 2009 Meetings

January 23, 2009 ALLIANCE MEET ALASKA AGENDA   (Congratulations to Paul Laird (NGP Photo-r) and staff for another outstanding program!  (Conference photos below)

1-24 & 25Wesley Loy and Ed Kelly-09 (Weekend).  ADN by Wesley Loy (NGP Photo-l).  The global economic crisis has dashed demand for natural gas, dimming chances for an Alaska gas pipeline, a top market analyst said Friday.  "It's certainly going to be taken off the urgent list," said Ed Kelly, a Houston-based vice president with the global energy consulting firm Wood Mackenzie.  The recessioBrian Frank - BP Energy Companyn and credit crunch have hammered industries that use natural gas, depressing demand and prices, said Kelly and Brian Frank (NGP Photo-r), president of BP's gas marketing company. FNM (AP), re: Friday's Alliance Conference. 

More on Friday's Meet Alaska Alliance Conference:

 D Three TeDrue Pearce by Dave Harbour 1-23-09chnology Blog      *       The Steel Guru gives another report based on Yereth Rosen's Reuters story, quoting Brian Frank and Drue Pearce (NGP Photo), the Federal Pipeline Coordinator.





Below is the agenda:


8:30-8:50 Welcome / Introduction

Jeanine St. John, Lynden Logistics, President of the Alliance (NGP Photo-l)

8:50-9:15 John Carrig, President & Chief Operating Officer, ConocoPhillips

Introduction: Joe Hegna, URS


9:15-9:40 Larry Burton, Executive Director, Business Roundtable (NGP Photo-r)

Introduction: Mark Hylen (NGP Photo-l), Beacon Occupational Health & Safety Services


9:40-10:05 John ‘t Hart, Executive Vice President, Talisman Energy (NGP Photo-l)

Introduction: Tom Hendrix, Carlile Transportation (NGP Photo-r)


10:05-10:35 Break


10:35-11:00 Brian Frank, President, BP Energy Company, North American Gas & Power (NGP Photo-l)

Introduction: John Lewis, ASRC Energy Services (NGP Photo-r)

APRN audio...., along with Tony Palmer (TransCanada) responses. 



11:00-11:25 Scott Goldsmith, Professor of Economics

Institute of Social & Economic Research, University of Alaska (NGP Photo-l)

Introduction: Joe Mathis, NANA Pacific (NGP Photo-r)

11:25-11:50 Jay Still, Executive Vice President, Domestic Operations

Pioneer Natural Resources Co. (NGP Photo-r)

Introduction: Mary Shields, Northwest Technical Services

11:50-1:15 Lunch

Entertainment by Ansam Dance


Ed Kelly, Vice President, North American Gas & Power

Wood Mackenzie (NGP Photo-r)

Introduction: Lynn Johnson, Dowland-Bach (NGP Photo-l)



1:40-1:50 Introduction / Acknowledgement of Alliance Board, Jeanine St. John


1:50-2:20 Speakers’ Corner, Sponsored by Marketing Solutions

Featuring "Super Dave" Stieren  (NGP Photo-l), Rebecca Logan (NGP Photo-r), Becky Hultberg (NGP Photo-l), John Lewis (NGP Photo-r) … and YOU?


2:20-2:50 Break

2:50-3:15 Mike Flynn, Vice President, Arctic Development

ExxonMobil Development Co.

Introduction: Maynard Tapp, Hawk Consultants (NGP Photo-r)

3:15-3:50 Drill, Baby, Drill

Joey Husband, Alaska General Manager, Parker Drilling

Don Korach, Engineering Manager, Nabors Alaska Drilling

Introduction: Matt Fagnani, NANA Management Services USA (NGP Photo-r)


3:50-4:00 Closing remarks Jeanine St. John

Other Photos ......

Gabrielle LaDoux

Dave Harbour and Angus Walker

Maynard Tapp

Members Enjoying Speakers' Corner

Drue Pearce Enjoying Speakers' Corner

John Lewis Pontificating

Kevin Jardell Enjoying Speakers' Corner

Members Enjoying Speakers' Corner

Members Enjoying Speakers' Corner

Jeanine St John and Ken Sheffield Enjoying Speakers' Corner

Ed Kelly

Corrie Young

We loved the conference!

Chris Birch and Bob Poe

Paul Fairchild

Scott Jepsen and Speaker Mike Chenault at the Alliance Trade Show

Adrian Herrera of Arctic Power Fame....

Walt Monegan

Bill Popp

Mark Eliason

John Lucey ... breakin' into the market!

We're from Umiaq!

Alliance Banker, Marc Langland!

Al Bolea is home again!

Enjoying a break....

Mike Ryan

Chris Birch and Drue Pearce

Joe Mathis




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