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9-30-08.  Alaska Skeptics Blog, by re: AGIA decision.

9-29-08.  ADN, by Tim Bradner: "Alaska Must Plan For Harder Times".  It's time to make sure our own affairs are in order. Most important, our oil industry, the wellspring of Alaska's wealth, might not be in as good a shape as we think. Oil production is declining, the industry's costs have risen sharply and there are signs that the state's new production taxes, which have been tripled in the last two years, are discouraging investment in new projects in the large North Slope fields.

9-28-08.  All Headline News.  Competition between two natural pipeline projects in America's largest and northernmost state is expected to heat up as the proponents of the projects rush the installation of their respective transport line facilities.     *     AJC, By Tim Bradner.  The great pipeline race is on. TransCanada Corp. will begin an open season for an Alaska natural gas pipeline in early 2010, beating a rival pipeline group led by North Slope producers by several months, a senior TransCanada manager told an oil and gas conference in Anchorage Sept. 23.

9-27-08.  ADN by Petroleum News Alaska.  The federal government received $30.9 million in high bids at an oil and gas lease sale in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska this week. The state is to get half of the receipts.

9-25-08.    Alaska Journal of Commerce Publisher, Jeff Jones, introduced Andrew Halcro who discussed Alaska gas pipeline and other political issues this morning (Photo-L, Jeff Jones and Photo-R, Andrew Halcro - NGP Photos, 9-08).     *    More later....


The Alaska Oil & Gas Symposium a Success; More to Follow!

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Special Report to NGP by our good friend, Bill Gallagher, Strategist, 905.468.8471

"We're in federal election mode - set for Nov 29 - Stephen Harper's Conservative Party (now a minority in Parliament) is trying for a majority so it can implement its (barely right of center) agenda: more free trade - closer US relations - eliminating regulatory efficiencies (they might get it according to recent polls).  So here's the Prime Minister in the North on the weekend (only 3 ridings Canada-wide) saying that he wants to revamp the northern regulatory approval system - tacit acknowledgement that the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline project has probably tanked and that the northern regulatory overburden was a major factor.  On a related note - not mentioned - just last week Canadian First Nations won their 100th regulatory win (almost in a row) shutting down a uranium exploration play - you probably can guess where - in the NWT!  That's 100 wins by my count - it appears that I'm the only one tracking this remarkable winning streak - but there are major implications for pipeline projects hoping to cross Canada given the remarkable rise in First Nations' empowerment over resources in the Canadian resources sector."  Related CBC web-posting: In a release on the party's website, Harper said the Conservatives will:

  • Set up a stand-alone regional development agency for Northern Canada like those that exist in the western provinces, northern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.
  • Set up a northern satellite office of the federal Major Projects Management Office, which deals with federal regulations governing major resource projects.
  • Improve the regulation of Northern natural resource projects by simplifying processes and reducing administrative costs."

9-22-08., Canwest News Service, by Trish Audette.  A government town of 3,500 at the mouth of the Mackenzie River (Inuvik Photo - Dave Harbour 2002), stands to benefit greatly if the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline ever goes through to bring natural gas south. Stewart wants a new name for the old building just off Inuvik's main street, a trailerlike rectangle standing half a metre off the ground. The new name, she hopes, will say more than "homeless shelter." It will be something to take pride in.     *     Interested in Dave Harbour's latest campaign bloggings?     *    

9-21-08.  ADN, by Erika Bolstad.  Offshore in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas, oil companies, chiefly the Dutch oil giant Shell, have paid billions of dollars to explore reserves that could rival the oil and gas discoveries of the Gulf of Mexico. Whoever wins the Oct. 7 election as mayor of the North Slope Borough will help shape the future of offshore drilling in the nation's Arctic waters -- as well as that of a community where ancient whaling traditions still dominate daily life.   "The oil industry, if I don't win this election, I think they'll be jumping up and down for joy," said Edward Itta, 63, the current mayor and opponent of offshore drilling. He faces a challenge from his former boss and the borough's previous five-term mayor, George Ahmaogak (NGP Photo, 10-25-01). Both men are whaling captains. "The oil industry has been the lifeblood of the economy up here. The North Slope Borough is pro-development," Itta said. "But offshore ... now that is totally different."

9-19-08.  Alliance Meeting yesterday featured updates by the BLM and ExxonMobil; details will follow today.

9-18-08.  Financial Post, by Claudia Cattaneo.  TransCanada's Harold Kvisle named Outstanding CEO.

9-17-08.  Palin Plans to Visit UN And Join Protest of Iran, New York Times - United States... she understands energy issues, had led negotiations for a new gas pipeline, and, as governor of Alaska, was the commander of the Alaska National Guard. ...

9-16-08.  Larry Persily (NGP Photo-r) is an old friend of mine who addressed the Anchorage Chamber yesterday about Alaska and national issues, including the Gas Pipeline and the 'vice president issue'.  Soon we will upload  audio  and video links (left) to yesterday's presentation, and a copy of his script.  As when he was an editorial page editor, Larry was unflinchingly candid and while some may challenge his conclusions and rationale, none can challenge his integrity.   (It seems like only weeks ago, instead of 5 years ago, that we teamed up to address the Seattle Chamber's Alaska Committee on Gas Pipeline and other issues!) -dh   *       Roy T. Robinette Real Estate Blog.  In her first 20 months as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin completed a deal for a natural gas pipeline that had been a top economic goal for the state for nearly two decades.  *   Two new additions to our links page are: Alaska Gas Pipeline BlogSpot by Alaska Engineer, and    Permafrost Environmental Consulting, Dr. Les White.  See Dr. White's Permafrost Postcard.

9-15-08.  Steel Guru.  People working on studies of in state gas demand for the pipeline seem to assume that coal fired power plants in Interior Alaska, Usibelli's prime market, will switch over to gas. But the coal company, which has produced at Healy for 65 years, thinks it will easily be able to beat gas on price when it comes to power generation.     *     Alaska Gas Pipeline Blogspot.  According to Joseph Kelliher, chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (Photo-r, with author, 11-06 NARUC Meeting): reviewing multiple projects "would greatly challenge the commission staff, the other agencies on the federal interagency team, and state agencies. Clearly, everyone must work together with the shared goal of getting a project built."

9-14-08.  New York Times, by Serge Kovaleski and Mike McIntire.  ANCHORAGE — When Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska took center stage at the Republican convention last week, she sought to burnish her executive credentials by telling how she had engineered the deal that jump-started a long-delayed gas pipeline project.

9-13-08.  Sarah Palin's Pipeline, Globe and Mail, by Madelaine Drohan Anyone listening to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at the recent U.S. Republican convention would believe that TransCanada workers are poised, shovels at the ready, to start construction of a 2,760-kilometre pipeline bringing natural gas from Alaska through Canada to the lower 48 states. They would be wrong.     *     Guardian America.  Palin has perhaps the cleverest name of all: Denali, the name of Alaska's lovely national park but also of the natural-gas pipeline that major oil companies are building in her home state in a bid to undercut her authority. One wonders what she makes of the symbolism there.  Speaking of symbolism, Todd Palin's code name is Driller. Yes, he works on oil rigs, but it's still a little bit funny.

9-12-08.  Carrie Tait and Claudia Cattaneo-NGP Photo-r, Financial Post.  September 10, 2008 - Imperial Oil chief executive Bruce March says he is more optimistic about the likelihood of the Mackenzie Gas Project than he has been in the past five or six years.  The federal government has showed greater interest in the massive project in the past nine months than ever before, Mr. March said yesterday during a presentation to investors at the Peters and Co. 2008 North American Oil and Gas Conference in Toronto.      *      B-NET.  In 1977, Justice Thomas Berger inadvertently condemned the aboriginal peoples along the Mackenzie River to a generation of joblessness, frequent alcoholism and tragic suicide rates. Acting as a one-member Royal Commission, he persuaded Ottawa to veto any natural gas pipeline from the Mackenzie Delta along the Mackenzie valley to southern markets for 10 years. The socialist judge hoped local communities would get a breathing space to mature so they could participate in the bonanza. Instead, gas prices fell ...

9-11-08.  LEST WE FORGET!     *      The Alliance's Annual Meeting is tonight at the Sheraton, with Bud Fackrell, Denali-The Alaska Gas Pipeline!     *       Lou Marczynski's Blog.    The misconception of the week is ExxonMobil and the Big Oil Companies control the price of crude oil. According to ExxonMobil’s second-quarter earnings report, ExxonMobil’s total liquids production (crude oil and natural gas liquids) averaged 2.4 million barrels per day or approximately 3% of the world’s total liquid production of 85.8 million barrels per day for the 2nd quarter as reported by the International Energy Information Administration.      *     Andrew Halcro.  Governor Sarah Palin has requested a conference call this week with the CEO's of the major oil companies playing a role in the potential development of Alaska's natural gas pipeline.  The requested participants include Tony Hayward from BP, James Mulva from ConocoPhillips, Rex Tillerson from Exxon along with others.

9-10-08.  Scandinavian Oil and Gas.  StatoilHydro has quietly invested in a new sub-sea drilling technology aimed at drilling exploration wells without rigs, risers or dedicated vessels, it was learned Thursday at the ONS 2008 tradeshow in oil capital Stavanger.

9-9-08.   Northern News Services, by Guy Quenneville Discoveries of oil in the Beaufort Sea, like Devon Canada's discovery of a large pool of oil 130 km north of Inuvik two years ago, aren't as stranded as most would think according to Murray Todd, former president of Canadian Marine Drilling Ltd.      *     Calgary Herald, by Jason Fekete.  Amid soaring pump prices, environmental concerns and high energy industry profits, Canada's oilpatch leaders say they're worried their sector could end up as a "political football" in the federal election race.   The first energy flare-up came Sunday evening in Calgary, when NDP Leader Jack Layton attacked the federal Conservatives for failing to implement more stringent environmental regulations in the oilsands -- a theme he continued hammering away at on Monday.

9-8-08.  Journal of Commerce, by Tim Bradner.  If a North Slope gas pipeline is built will it take markets away from Alaska's longtime and only coal producer, the Usibelli mine at Healy?

9-7-08.  8-7-08 What a pleasure it was yesterday to meet with Bill Noll at a campaign event and hear his sparkling review of Governor Palin's performance at the recent Republican National Convention!     *     Dallas NewsAlaska Gov. Sarah Palin boasted this week that she stood up to Big Oil in advancing a decades-old ambition to bring natural gas to the Lower 48. But experts say she'll eventually have to sit down with the oil giants if she wants her pipeline dream to become a reality.     *     Oil and Gas Journal by Judy Clark and Eric Watkins.  LOS ANGELES and HOUSTON, Sept. 6 -- The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), in its latest report to Congress Aug. 29, said that of the two major projects competing to deliver natural gas from Alaska's North Slope, only one likely will be built, and it is urging that the sponsors work together to build that single line.     *     Karl Marx was Right Blog.  The TransCanada Alaskan gas pipeline project which Palin negotiated represents the single largest private project development in US history.

9-6-07.  World Mining Exploration News.  If a North Slope gas pipeline is built will it take markets away from Alaska’s longtime and only coal producer, the Usibelli mine at Healy?

9-5-08.  New York Post.  A STAR IS BORN, By DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN, With sass and wit, sarcasm and sincerity, courage and strength, Sarah Palin last night showed us a new model of female politician.

9-4-08.  Wall Street Journal, by JIM CARLTON, MICHAEL M. PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH WILLIAMSON and LAURA MECKLER.  In the five days since Sen. John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, she has been embraced by the right and pilloried by the left as a staunch conservative on social and economic issues.  But a look at her record as mayor of the small town of Wasilla and as governor of Alaska shows a politician more flexible in her ideology as she has juggled the needs of governing.

Please visit this website to see correspondence to the Minerals Management Service (MMS) regarding an updated leasing program that could have huge impact on the Country's economic prosperity. See NARUC and IOGCC resolutions on the subject of drilling moratoria, with NGSA and White House support.

9-3-08.  American Chronicle.  If you are looking for a good wake up call, try reviewing this article by Enrique Portaluppi on, "The Globalization Security Dilemma."  As you are absorbing it, apply its principles to a declining power that sends its remaining wealth abroad in exchange for energy that it wishes to not produce from its own drilling moratoria areas.  I think an objective observer could conclude that America still has time to develop a rational and sustainable energy policy, but not much time.  -dh     *     FNM by Dermot Cole.  The proposed natural gas pipeline from Alaska has yet to become firmly fixed in the nation’s consciousness, as evidenced by the repeated references by Tom Brokaw on “Meet the Press” Sunday to a new oil pipeline.

9-2-08.  Bizzstory.  To most Americans, Senator John McCain's (R-Ariz.) choice of running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, is a new face. To Alaskans, however, she's the woman who got a giant natural gas pipeline project off the ground, in part by telling big oil companies they'd get no sweetheart deals.     *     Mackenzie Valley Pipeline-Smart Building Index: construction of a natural gas pipeline; this portion of the proposed pipeline project will run 1,220 kilometres from the Inuvik area facility to the (NGTL) interconnect facility.

9-1-08,  The DNR, DMLW, Northern Region Lands Section has received a Land Use Permit application from Denali - The Alaska Gas Pipeline LLC for a land use permit to conduct hydrology studies on the North Slope.


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